Camping in the wild to paint watercolours

I spent a beautiful two days in Björnö nature reserve back in June. I used my new hammock to sleep between two trees. I got a good night’s sleep and did some great sketches the following day.

So beautiful to be out in the archipelago

I took myself to Björnö yesterday which is a 45 minute drive from stockholm. I walked for another 40 minutes through woods until I reached a beautiful spot that inspired. It was meant to be a grey day but it wasn’t. I find these kind of small adventures so rewarding.

Just painting anything to get going again

Cow in field

I have taken what seems to me a long break from painting. It’s involuntary, I suffer from SAD during the winter months and it can really slow me down. This year I escaped the depression but I still got the tiredness, plus the aches and pains. The good news is that brighter days are now… Continue reading Just painting anything to get going again

The world sucks, so cold and grey but…

Sketch by Meldrum

Last Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon with my friends at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. The weather was truly awful outside so it was so nice to socialise indoors in these Covid-times. My approach for this sketch was not to try and achieve a perfect likeness of the sculpture but to practice… Continue reading The world sucks, so cold and grey but…

It’s important to exercise each day.


I walk everyday, it’s very important for me to get outside and get a breath of fresh air. It’s so essential to leave the studio and let my eyes rest by viewing my surroundings, my neighbourhood. Yesterday, I was inspired by the sky, the earlier rain had ceased and left wonderful clouds to hang around… Continue reading It’s important to exercise each day.

I need to sketch less now

Lilla holmen

The autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, I take lunchtime walks to get as much light as I possibly can. It’s that time of the year when it’s totally natural to spend more time in the studio. I have sketched all summer and I feel I have improved a great deal due to… Continue reading I need to sketch less now

Watercolours while on holiday video

In this video I paint a watercolour scene of islands in the archipelago while on holidays. My goal with these demonstrations is to help others who are trying to or thinking of sketching outdoors. My tip for this episode is that there is rarely a perfect sketching location to be had. Just sit down somewhere… Continue reading Watercolours while on holiday video

Sketches from Nacka Strand

Cloudy Djurgården

I just love driving down to Nacka Strand, which is close to where I live. There I practice my clouds, my reflections and at the same time unwind enjoying the view. Did you know you can support your favourite artists at patreon.comFollow my weekly vlog plus get bonus material, watercolours even at:! 

Sunday I met more friends!

Yes, on Sunday I met more art friends. This time it was an unofficial Urban Sketchers meetup. We met at Humlegården in central Stockholm and enjoyed the sun soaked day.I managed to do two sketches, one trying to capture the light in the trees and the other is of the statue of Linné, the famous… Continue reading Sunday I met more friends!