A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

I just finish my little sketchbook. I like the size and the texture of the paper, it’s called, Hand Book Journal.Co and it’s distributed by Speedball Art Products, Statesville, NC. It’s made in India. Here is a link to their website: https://www.speedballart.com/our-prod… If you like my channel and would like to support the making of… Continue reading A small video of my little pencil sketchbook

It was warm enough to sketch, it feels so good


I sketched my first outdoor watercolour for 2021 yesterday. It was 8 degrees but sunny enough to stay warm. Damn it feels good to be outside sketching again.

Sketching a little castle outdoors. Ep25


In this episode I take myself to a small island called Beckholmen where I sketch another little island called Kastellholmen, both are very close to the centre of Stockholm. It became a grey day and so it was a challenge to make the sketch interesting. Follow me step by step as I paint and hope… Continue reading Sketching a little castle outdoors. Ep25

Another day another sketch

I still feel so lucky to be able to enjoy nature as I do. The view from Nedergårdsö. 9th of July, 13 x 17.5cm

It’s easier to paint when it’s not blowing a storm

It’s better now but the first two weeks of our sailing trip was all about dodging the strong winds and seeking good shelter. This watercolour sketch was painted at Fjärdlång on the 8th of July. I’m aware the trees look like green fireworks but that’s what I felt when I tried to capture the view… Continue reading It’s easier to paint when it’s not blowing a storm

Gentle wind, time for a sketch

As we sailed south there was one day when the winds were gentle, not so common this year I have to report. So as we sailed slowly past this small island with it’s navigational light I just got the urge to try and capture it. Light winds became a pleasure.

Summer sketching

View from Boda

The weather has been so good recently, I made sure I got away from the studio and explored the countryside close to home. The countryside usually means water and islands that are crowned with Scots pine. At least I seem to be always drawn to the sea, I feel best there by the waters edge… Continue reading Summer sketching

Watercolours from my trip to the Costa Brava, Spain.

2019.04.17 – 24

Photographs from my visit to the Costa Brava.

2019.04.17 – 24