Looking forward to 2018

David Meldrum

I am an artist now!

New year celebrations

Donaghadee sketch final stage

Donaghadee watercolour


I visited the quaint harbour town of Donaghadee during my stay in Northern Ireland. I went there twice in fact as I feel at ease there for some reason. It’s probably the open horizon that attracts me, I can feel a bit claustrophobic otherwise in Bangor where my mother lives, I spent 10 days with… Continue reading Donaghadee

Sergels torg

Sergels torg by meldrum

50 x 70 cm


Groomsport, NI by David Meldrum


My first live demo

Towards Riddarholmen

ATG Art Society 2017.11.20

Life drawing at Mäster Olafsgården

meldrum life drawing


The last Life drawing session at home for this year.

meldrum kroki

Meldrum Kroki

Urban Sunday

meldrum urban sketch