Sketching on my bicycle

Stockholm Town Hall

It was a hot summer’s day in Stockholm when I decided to sketch the Town Hall, a building I just adore. I have condensed two hours of film into 15 minutes, some may still call it “Slow TV”, … It’s true in a way, you are watching paint dry after all. I don’t say a lot in this episode, I let the painting do the talking.

Sheltering in the outer archipelago

The original sketch

I have good memories from my time in the outer Stockholm archipelago. This watercolour sketch is a bit scratchy but I think it caught the feeling of us sheltering from bad weather pretty well at Sadelöga. I will most likely develop this into a studio painting later in the year.
17.5 x 13 cm

Click the thumbnail below for the full sized image.

Painting Outdoors in Gålö, south of Stockholm

Watercolour sketch of summer house

I really enjoyed myself painting this little sketch in the early summer light of Sweden. If you would like to see me painting it please click here.

There is a better description of the video in my previous post, click here to read that.

If you would like to see a larger image of the watercolour, click the thumbnail below.

watercolour sketch of summer house