Winter in the Stockholm suburbs


Yeap, it’s nice to known that spring is very close. We just have to have an average of plus degrees for 10 consecutive days. Looking forward to feeling good and sketching outdoors almost manically because I so do appreciate feeling good after the long winter months.

Sketching my emotions nr.2

emotion 2

I am enjoying this little exercise – illustrating emotions, I’ve never tried before. I have been writing journals for years and years so in a way I am used to getting feelings down on paper. I just haven’t used watercolour before.

Sketching on my bicycle

Stockholm Town Hall

It was a hot summer’s day in Stockholm when I decided to sketch the Town Hall, a building I just adore. I have condensed two hours of film into 15 minutes, some may still call it “Slow TV”, … It’s true in a way, you are watching paint dry after all. I don’t say a… Continue reading Sketching on my bicycle

Sheltering in the outer archipelago

The original sketch

I have good memories from my time in the outer Stockholm archipelago. This watercolour sketch is a bit scratchy but I think it caught the feeling of us sheltering from bad weather pretty well at Sadelöga. I will most likely develop this into a studio painting later in the year.17.5 x 13 cm Click the… Continue reading Sheltering in the outer archipelago

Enjoying simple things

I painted this watercolour sketch south of Trosa mid way through the trip, it’s south of Nynäshamn which in turn is south of Stockholm. Looking at it now I am reminded how tranquil it was. Very good for the soul. 13 x 17.5 cm Click the thumbnail below for the full sized image.

A late evening sketch

A late evening sketch from the boat on Nämdö, Skärvassa. I use my gas heat gun to dry the watercolour. It’s been a cool July so far. It means the archipelago isn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, that’s a plus. 13 x 17.5cm Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized… Continue reading A late evening sketch

My latest sketches

I thought it’s time to show my watercolour sketches. Most are from 2020 and most are painted outdoors but not all. The format I use is roughly 13 x 17.5 cm. I basically divide a sheet of watercolour paper by four and then by four again. (Tip: I tear the paper using a ruler) Feedback… Continue reading My latest sketches

Painting Outdoors in Gålö, south of Stockholm

Watercolour sketch of summer house

I really enjoyed myself painting this little sketch in the early summer light of Sweden. If you would like to see me painting it please click here. There is a better description of the video in my previous post, click here to read that. If you would like to see a larger image… Continue reading Painting Outdoors in Gålö, south of Stockholm

Sketching Outdoors Ep18

A few weeks ago I went on a short trip to Gålö which is 27 km south of Stockholm. It’s a nature reserve, and camping there is relatively easy. It always amazes me how close I actually am to nature even though I spend most of my time in an urban environment like Stockholm. I… Continue reading Sketching Outdoors Ep18