A late evening sketch

A late evening sketch from the boat on Nämdö, Skärvassa. I use my gas heat gun to dry the watercolour. It’s been a cool July so far. It means the archipelago isn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, that’s a plus. 13 x 17.5cm Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized… Continue reading A late evening sketch

Holiday watercolours


We are currently sailing along the east coast of Sweden, taking it easy as we always do – which means I have time to do some watercolour sketching. Here is a sketch from when we visited Grisselholmen on the 3rd of July. More watercolours to follow! Grisselholmen 13 x 17.5 cm Click the thumbnail image… Continue reading Holiday watercolours

My latest sketches

I thought it’s time to show my watercolour sketches. Most are from 2020 and most are painted outdoors but not all. The format I use is roughly 13 x 17.5 cm. I basically divide a sheet of watercolour paper by four and then by four again. (Tip: I tear the paper using a ruler) Feedback… Continue reading My latest sketches

View from Kvarnholmen

View from Kvarnholmen

I just published a video of me painting this view from Kvarnholmen, click here to see it. I simplified the watercolour composition a lot and I really like it. It takes a lot of experience to start seeing what is a good composition and what is not. Believe me, I have made a lot of… Continue reading View from Kvarnholmen

A new video at last. From sketch to watercolour Ep17

After a little break I am back again producing watercolour videos.In this episode I travel to Gustavsberg which is 20 minutes from where I live. You will see how I develop a watercolour from simple outdoor sketch to the final painting. If you would like to support the making of these videos visit my Patreon… Continue reading A new video at last. From sketch to watercolour Ep17

Not the whole watercolour


Yeap, I wasn’t totally happy with this watercolour so I was forced to chop it up so that I could enjoy it. I’m a happy butcher now. It’s best to love a whole painting of course but sometimes one has to be brutal. Click the thumbnail below to see the full sized image.

Another watercolour of Donaghadee

Donaghadee Sunset

I visit Northern Ireland twice a year usually, my family live there in Bangor not far from Belfast. I grew up in the South so I have no connection except my family. I enjoy taking the coast road from Bangor through Groomsport and ending up in Donaghadee, a lovely harbour which used to be the… Continue reading Another watercolour of Donaghadee

A watercolour for a friend

To Åland

I have a friend who loves to sail. I gave her this watercolour birthday card, it is a memory of her sailing much faster than I to Åland last year.

Watercolour portraits

10 minute pose

One of my many New Year Resolutions was to improve my figures in my watercolour paintings. We all basically always look at the head first and so it’s not very good if the face feels amateurish. This is why I am going to portrait classes every Tuesday now, I wan’t to improve and I don’t… Continue reading Watercolour portraits