Two hours too much

Still having problems painting a nude in the same position for two hours. I am using Arches 300g, rough watercolour paper and haven’t gotten used to it yet. It takes the pigment so well and dries so slow, I need to adjust. I can also blame myself for my lack of skill. Here are two… Continue reading Two hours too much

Tuesday’s life drawing

Another enjoyable session at Konstnärshuset here in Stockholm.  One colleague asked if I would paint one more watercolour wash after getting home. The sketches would look more complete but then again I probably would loose the freshness. I chose to leave them alone. 10 minute nude 5 minute nude 5 minute nude 5 minute nude… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

My latest sources of inspiration

I bought these DVDs by Herman Pekel and Alvaro Castagnet last week. They are great, their styles are similar, loose and full of expression. I’m not so sure I want to be so free but then again maybe I am heading that way, who knows. Very busy at work at the moment, not much time… Continue reading My latest sources of inspiration

Feels Good

Here is a selection of watercolour and pencil sketches from my life drawing evening at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. I hope to transfer the energy and freshness of these sketches into my paintings which are all too often, stiff and laboured. Ten minute nude. 20130910 Five minute nude. 20130910 Five minute nude. 20130910 Ten minute nude. 20130910… Continue reading Feels Good

Muddy Naked Hand

I paint these Naked Hands at lunch time, I take my time and invariably I overwork them, I get scared, I have too much time to think, I dab the brush 100 times too many. Life drawing is different, there I have only five or ten minutes to execute the watercolour, the result is a… Continue reading Muddy Naked Hand

First session

I was very excited about attending my first life drawing evening after the summer break. It was a two hour pose at, “The Swedish Academy of Realist Art“.  I was a bit too eager and so my watercolour study failed, luckily I didn’t give up and managed to do one half-decent sketch. The model’s underarm… Continue reading First session

Naked hand holds stopwatch!

It sounds like one of those bad newspaper headlines. As for the watercolour which took me two lunch breaks, – it’s all right, I learned a few things which is the point of drawing and painting these in the first place. I’m happy enough with the result, a mixture of success and failure.Life Drawing starts… Continue reading Naked hand holds stopwatch!

Naked Hand Failures

I know I should let the watercolour pigment do it’s magic but I don’t. I stress, I forget, I fail. Still, it is practice and practice makes perfect. At least that is what we are led to believe. When I think about it, maybe watercolour and perfection are a bit like water and oil…