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Muddy Naked Hand

I paint these Naked Hands at lunch time, I take my time and invariably I overwork them, I get scared, I have too much time to think, I dab the brush 100 times too many. Life drawing is different, there I have only five or ten minutes to execute the watercolour, the result is a painting that contains life and energy. I am learning, in the mean time; here is a muddy, overworked Naked Hand.

Naked Hand 20130910 by David Meldrum
Naked Hand 20130910. 9 x 14 cm Moleskin.

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Naked hand holds stopwatch!

It sounds like one of those bad newspaper headlines. As for the watercolour which took me two lunch breaks, – it’s all right, I learned a few things which is the point of drawing and painting these in the first place. I’m happy enough with the result, a mixture of success and failure.
Life Drawing starts again tomorrow,  I’m really looking forward to starting, it feels like it was a very long time ago since the last session.

Naked hand by David Meldrum
Naked hand holds stopwatch! 9 x 14 cm Moleskin.

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Naked Hand Failures

I know I should let the watercolour pigment do it’s magic but I don’t. I stress, I forget, I fail.

Still, it is practice and practice makes perfect. At least that is what we are led to believe.

When I think about it, maybe watercolour and perfection are a bit like water and oil…


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Monday’s naked hand

I gave this hand two washes and then stopped, I was planning to add a few more but realised that I was happy with it after two. It is interesting when one gets the message to stop. Sometimes, it comes too late of course.

Moleskin watercolour notebook, 9 x 14 cm.
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Two naked hands

I managed to draw and paint two hands during my lunch break today. I’m quite happy with them, it’s difficult to paint on such a small format. I feel that my watercolouring skills are improving, this feels very rewarding.

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Naked hands

Lunch sketch painted in my mini-watercolour Moleskin.