Lunchtime watercolour

This was lunchtime watercolour was initially a failure. I made a mistake and I thought the painting was ruined. So I relaxed and played around with it, did things that I wouldn’t normally do like scratch the surface. In the end I was quite happy wit the result. “One should never give up on a painting!”, is the the moral of the story I guess.

Arches rough, 300g, 31 x 23 cm

Sketch from Ploumanach, Brittany, France

Ploumanach watercolour by David Meldrum
Ploumanach, Arches Rough watercolour paper

Holiday in Paimpol, France.

I’ve just spent a lovely week in Brittany, France. This watercolour sketch was painted along the shoreline between Ploubazlanec and Paimpol,  Brittany,  France.

Holiday in Ploumanach

Another watercolour sketch of Ploumanach,  painted from the harbour in Paimpol,  Brittany,  France.

Musée d’Orsay

I visited the Musée d’Orsay in Paris yesterday. They say they have the best collection of impressionist work in the world and I can’t disagree. All the big names are there. My favourite was Claude Monet, his sense of light and composition was just outstanding.

I lost my rubber

Yes, terrible stuff. I lost my favour kneadable-eraser today. Must have fallen off my knee while sketching at the train station. I like the Koh I Noor rubber so much I just ordered six on the internet. Funny how one gets attached to certain products.

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Old Swedish Steamer

A watercolour of the Stockholm ferry called Västan, an old steamer from 1900 and still going strong.This was the first time I painted in this large a format of 70 x 50cm. It’s kinda scary, because so much can go wrong. Thankfully I didn’t make too many mistakes and I’m happy with the end result.

Old Swedish Streamer by David Meldrum
Västan 75 x 50 cm, Arches rough 300g.

Grid drawing

This is a portrait of Swedish trotting catch driver called Björn Goop. I used a grid to help me get the proportions correct. It was really easy to draw his likeness in this manner, it almost felt like cheating! 😉

Björn Goop by David Meldrum
Björn Goop grid

Björn Goop by David Meldrum
Björn Goop

Impressions from the Stockholm archipelago

I just spent two weeks sailing here in Stockholm. The weather was not the best, I had to use mittens at one point while painting. There was a storm, lots of wind and rain but I still enjoyed myself anyway. It’s hard to beat the beauty of the archipelago. I plan to spend more time painting there next year, I am looking forward to it already.

The Stockholm Archipelago by David Meldrum
The outer archipelago 39 x 29 cm Arches Rough
The Stockholm Archipelago by David Meldrum
The Stockholm Archipelago 39 x 29 cm Arches Rough

The Stockholm Archipelago by David Meldrum
The Stockholm Archipelago 39 x 29 cm Arches Rough