Summer in the archipelago 

Sailing in summer

Summer is coming soon, well I would at least like to think so. Looking forward to it when it does arrive. I am very happy with these wide scene formats I have been painting recently but they do present a problem, they look very small when I present them on Facebook or even here on… Continue reading Summer in the archipelago 

People’s boat

Folkbåt regatta nr.2

This is the second of a series of paintings dedicated to the Folkbåt (people’s boat). I would love to own one but there is so much work each year maintaining it, I just don’t have the time or the passion for sanding and painting in the cold Swedish spring. I could buy a modern plastic… Continue reading People’s boat

Saturday’s life drawing

Life drawing by David Meldrum


Monday’s life drawing

life drawing by David Meldrum

I had the same model (Roza) as I had on the Saturday, different venue and more time for each pose. My paper was A4 and the grain of it was different from what I am used too so it took a few bad drawings to get used to it. I don’t think A4 is big enough… Continue reading Monday’s life drawing

Saturday’s life drawing

life drawing by David Meldrum



Portrait of Ulf Ohlsson

A commissioned work. I am not used to watercolour portraits so this was challenging. I had three days to paint it, it was a good experience, I learned a lot. 37 x 27 cm Click image below to see larger version

Wide format

Folkbåt regatta nr.1

I have realised that painting in a wide format really suits my watercolours of life in the archipelago. It’s the big open horizon that we all find appealing when we are out in the great outdoors. 69 x 24 cm The original reference photos were taken by Finish photographer, Erik Lähteenmäki. You can visit his website here.… Continue reading Wide format

Saturday’s life drawing

David Meldrum - life drawing

The teacher who runs the life drawing on Saturday’s at Basis, Stockholm likes to push us to our sketching limits with lots of one and two minutes poses. It’s funny how after sketching lots of one minute poses two minutes then feels like a long time. Three minutes feels like an eternity.

The finished watercolour sketch.

Folk boats

I finished these two sketches last week, only posting them now. I am  painting larger versions for an upcoming exhibition in April. It’s good to do sketch first, one learns a lot by taking ones time and experimenting, unexpected happy accidents or silly mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated. The original reference photos were taken by… Continue reading The finished watercolour sketch.