Stortorget puzzle.

Stortorget, Stockholm


Some sketches from my life drawing evenings

meldrum kroki

Meldrum Kroki

Trying to loosen up.

Gamla Stan

Stortorget, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Bacon 2017

If you like Francis Bacon you will enjoy this documentary, “A Brush with Violence” by the BBC.

Two – three minute poses

meldrum life drawing

Basis 2017.10.14

Meldrum Life Drawing

meldrum life drawing


Filming the process with a GoPro

stockholm sketch by meldrum

Sunday was a rainy day here in Stockholm so I stayed in my studio and played with my GoPro camera. I filmed myself painting a sketch in my Moleskin journal. I have an ambition to publish films of my painting process to help others learn from the knowledge that I have gained since I started… Continue reading Filming the process with a GoPro

Life is good

Meldrum with "Outside Galleri T"

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

A Proud Salamanca Moment

ECWS - Salamanca

I am proud to have been choosen by the Nordic Watercolour Society to particapate in the 20th ECWS* exhibition in Salamanca, Spain. The exhibition continues until the 27th of October 2017. Thanks to Peter Reuterberg for the photographs. *European Confederation of Watercolour Societies