Revisiting Randazzo Sicily

Yes, I had a wonderful holiday in Sicily this summer. It seems so long ago now, especially now that the autumn leaves have fallen and the bare trees are almost black in tone.
I paint every morning and so I often browse through my photo reference folder which is full of potential watercolour scenes. And so it was with this scene, it just said hello to me and I started painting it. I never know what I am going to paint before I start, it’s interesting how we get inspired, it can be different everyday.
I am happy with this watercolour, I seem to have found a new awareness on how to tackle a scene, it excites me and I want to just paint more scenes, isn’t life great! 🙂

Click the thumbnail image below if you would like to see it in full-size.

watercolour of Randazzo Sicily
Randazzo Sicily
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Featured in my latest video

This watercolour was filmed when I visited GĂ„lö, a nature reserve just south of Stockholm. It was a damp autumn day and I had to use my gas burner to get the watercolour dry. It was such a beautiful place so I didn’t mind the fight. To see the film click the this YouTube link:

(Click the thumbnail below to see full-sized image.)

GÄlö, Stockholm
GÄlö, Stockholm 36 x 26 cm

I play with fire in this episode

Hello, I visited GĂ„lö a few weeks back and painted in sometimes challenging circumstances which demanded drastic action. I don’t how many watercolour artists use a blow torch to dry their work but I do, when it’s just not going to dry.
All in all it was a fun day, I just love painting outdoors.

Painting Outdoors – GĂ„lö, Stockholm ( Ep15)
Watercolour youtube

Painting Outdoors in Ploubazlanec

It’s episode number 14 and this time I am in Ploubazlanec in Brittany, France.
My wife grew up here and I am lucky enough to visit this magical place once a year. I always find it inspiring. While my wife spends time with her wonderful Mum I walk around Ploubazlanec and neighbouring Paimpol looking for something to paint. I have a lot of time to myself but I also find time to be social plus enjoying the local food and the great hospitality.
I hope you enjoy the video, comments are always appreciated.


figure drawing Life drawing

Not being able to sketch at my own life drawing class

It’s ironic that I don’t have the time to draw at my own life drawing evenings, I visit other places like KonstnĂ€rshuset (The Artist’s House) and sketch there instead. I don’t mind at all, it gives me a great deal of pleasure organising life drawing sessions, making sure the lighting is good, getting excellent models and making fantastic coffee.
My life drawing session is today (Thursday) by the way at Dieselverkstaden 18.30 – 20.30, a shameless plug 😉

These watercolours where sketched at KonstnÀrshuset last Tuesday, number one and two I spent a few minutes working on the day after. The actual poses are between 10 and 5 minutes long.