The big French challenge

Paimpol, Brittany, France Yes, I finished it, the biggest watercolour I’ve ever painted, 56x76cm or 22×30″.I’m proud that I stuck with it, I learned so much by the endless mistakes I made. As a complete painting I am not totally happy, it is stiff and the uncertainty in my strokes is clear to see. Too… Continue reading The big French challenge

Moleskin …

I have a watercolour Moleskin (A5) where I practice my watercolour nudes. I’m trying to do at least one a day. It helps me ignore the real task; finishing the large watercolour that is such a challenge and sits there beside me waiting … A5 watercolour figure painting

Taking a break …

Currently I’m working on a large watercolour, it’s a real challenge, I’ve never worked in so much detail before and I’m pushing my technical limits to the maximum. So, it was necessary to take a little break and paint this little watercolour nude. I like the freedom of the way the colour pigment illustrates the… Continue reading Taking a break …

Mucha inspired …

I found a wonderful model – posing beautifully. I will eventually paint a full sized homage to the image at a later date. I spent today doing two sketches, one watercolour with a Mucha inspired frame and the other in pencil. Both are about A5 in size. Watercolour Pencil

Mega Mucha

On the third day of my visit to Prague I visited the Veletržní Palace to see the Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha. Twenty massive works depicting the history of the Slavic people. 

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Having a Mucha weekend

I am having an amazing weekend in Prague, so much to see, so much culture. We visited the Municipal House, which is an Art Nouveau master piece. There, they have Ivan Lendl’s collection of Alfons Mucha’s posters, which is the most complete collection in the world. Amazing! Don’t be surprised if you start to see… Continue reading Having a Mucha weekend

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Nude in Red Armchair

I am on holidays, which means I have the opportunity to paint at last. Time, such a hard treasure to find. Nude In Red Armchair, 30 x 42 cm (A3), 11 3/4 x 16 1/2″

An Unfinished Painting from Brittany.

The house belongs to my mother in law, it’s a very beautiful place close to Paimpol, Brittany in France. I thought I would paint it but I ran out of time, I should not have waited until the last day of my visit. I am on holidays again now so hopefully I will find time… Continue reading An Unfinished Painting from Brittany.