Working with values

Stadshuset / Town hall

Stockholm Town Hall 2018.11.25

Capturing light in Paris

Paris Street

I love Paris, with it’s museums, cafes and the sketching opportunities. I am currently trying to improve capturing light. It is all about having the correct tonal values. It’s quite difficult and it is going to take me a while before I master it. I visited Paris a few years back, I would love to… Continue reading Capturing light in Paris

Life drawing in Stockholm

Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

Portrait tip

meldrum art portrait

If you want to practice doing portraits, download  Sktchy app. Unfortunately it is only for iPhone users. Lots of people upload photos of themselves and artists, both amateur and professional sketch them. For me, I just want to practice doing portraits and I don’t want to worry about copyright issues etc. So this is a great… Continue reading Portrait tip

Not every painting is a success

Fabriano on Fabriano

I was asked to submit a watercolour to an exhibition and I wasn’t accepted which of course is a bit of a bummer but at the same time I just found the experience to be quite positive. That may sound strange but what I mean is I spent a day working on this painting and… Continue reading Not every painting is a success

Life drawing bliss

Konstnärshuset 2018.11.13

Watercolour of Stockholm – Storkyrkan

Storkyrkan akvarell


Stretching watercolour paper

Meldrum Art Tips nr. 2