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The Giant’s Causeway [ Ep.7 ]

The Giant's Causeway

The subject of this watercolour demonstration is The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Last May I arrived there at sunrise and was excited to use my drone to film for the very first time. Later, back in Stockholm I really enjoyed painting the scene I chose and I hope you enjoy watching it too. As… Continue reading The Giant’s Causeway [ Ep.7 ]

Sketching at the Maritime Museum

David Meldrum sketches

Sjöhistoriska 2019.02.06

Painting watercolours at the Maritime Museum again.

Winter Sea 1980 - Meldrum Art

Sjöhistoriska 2019.02.06

Importance of a preliminary watercolour sketch

The Giant's Causeway

Sketchbook 2019.01.04