My first plein air for this year in 6 degrees


I managed my first plein air for this year. I visited Björnö Nature Reserve, which is east of Stockholm on Ingarö. The temperature almost reached 6 degrees! I had to use a gas burner to dry the painting, and yes, there is a burn mark. It’s becoming my signature. But seriously, it was so nice to get out and sketch. I had to trek for an hour to reach the spot I painted from but it was worth it.

These days I always start my week with a watercolour nude

Monday Nude

I think I have mentioned it before, I need a life drawing sketch or watercolour nude every Monday. My life drawing session that I run every Thursday needs to be publicised. The classes are turning out to be popular especially for those who live in smaller towns around Sweden. Covid-19 ended my physical classes last March but streaming via Zoom has turned out to be a very positive development.
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Click the thumbnail to see the complete watercolour

monday nude
monday nude