Kroki i Stockholm (Solna) – Life drawing in Stockholm

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art – Atelier Stockholm, Pipers Väg 165, 170 73 Solna, Stockholm, SWEDENThis life-drawing evening is on a thursday which suits me perfectly. 18.00-20.00, One position for the full duration.

Jherek Bischoff vs Konono No. 1: Kule Kule

Music I like: Jherek Bischoff vs Konono No. 1: Kule Kule (Orchestral Version)

Sadie J. Valeri

Sadie J. Valeri is an internationally recognized still life oil painter. Her meticulously crafted paintings depicting transparent, crumpled wax paper have attracted the highest honors, including the award of First Prize for Still Life in the 2010 ARC International Salon. Her evocative paintings have been featured in many prestigious art publications, including: American Art Collector,… Continue reading Sadie J. Valeri

Johnny Depp Speed drawing portrait in dry brush technique

Impressive drawing skills from Russian artist, Igor Kazarin.

Figure Quick Sketch I suspect “Reilly method” Chris Legaspi is behind this site. I’ll check it out later, looks interesting. I tried the reilly method last week and found it very rewarding, it’ll take some practice before I’ve mastered it, if ever.

Kroki in Stockolm

I go to life drawing classes or kroki as it is called here in Stockholm once a week. The location is under the French Church in Östermalm and is called Konstkronan. I’m thinking of going twice a week, I enjoy it so much.

Life drawing (kroki) in Stockholm

Life drawing (kroki) in StockholmIf you want to read this in English, use Google translate! 😉..I found this on Life drawing in Stockholm: Gula villan, Konstnärshuset och Folkkulturcentrum