Two lunchtime watercolours from December

I had a great Christmas with my family and friends, unfortunately I still haven’t mastered handling the stress of everything that has to be done before the holidays. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for me work-wise. If I was clever I’d buy all the presents and write all the Christmas cards… Continue reading Two lunchtime watercolours from December

Happy mother in law

My mother in law lives in a beautiful house only metres from the sea in Brittany,  north-west France.  It gives me great pleasure knowing that my painting of her home makes her so happy.

Last life drawing for 2014

These sketches were done at Konstnärshuset last Tuesday, 201412009 Five minute nude Ten minute nude Five minute nude I could do some nudes at Basis here in Stockholm this Saturday but I just have to focus on the Christmas monster that I have been ignoring. Presents have to be bought and cards have to be… Continue reading Last life drawing for 2014

Two hour pose

Last Sunday I spent two hours painting this portrait of a male nude. I didn’t quite capture the likeness very well but I’m happy with the end result anyway. The picture is about A3 in size and on Fabriano Rough 300g paper.

A lunch time watercolour

I was so busy last week, I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of this until today. Actually there was 5 – 10 minutes sun here in Stockholm today! We have very flat, grey, overcast skies here most of November and December, difficult to copy ones art, depressing too.Even though I’m busy at… Continue reading A lunch time watercolour

Saturday’s life drawing

Life drawing at Basis, Stockholm, 20141207 Finding it hard getting enthusiastic about my life drawing this week, I should take a break maybe. No, I’ll carry on anyway, in the long run I know I’m improving with all this practice, one sketch at a time, one sketch at a time…

Tuesday’s life drawing

Life drawing at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20141202 I was tired and found it hard to get into the groove. The model, who was young and pretty did not inspire me, no dynamics, she lacked energy in her posing. I can’t blame her, it was I who was at fault, I just wasn’t in the mood. Managed… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

New sketch gallery page

I used to have a flickr page for my sketches but I suddenly couldn’t login to the account any more. Frustrated and annoyed, I created a tumblr site instead. So if you’d like to see my latest sketches from my notebooks, visit here. A5 Fabriano sketch paper A5 Fabriano sketch paper A5 Fabriano sketch paper