David Meldrum Lunch Sketch Watercolour

Two lunchtime watercolours from December

I had a great Christmas with my family and friends, unfortunately I still haven’t mastered handling the stress of everything that has to be done before the holidays. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for me work-wise. If I was clever I’d buy all the presents and write all the Christmas cards the month before, but I’m not that smart.
So, I did not paint as much as I’d have liked in December but still my lunchtime watercolour effort is helping me produce more work than ever before. The more I paint, the better I become which of course feels good. Next year, I will paint more often and I’ll paint larger formats too. One of my sons is studying abroad in the New Year so now I have a studio space at home until he comes back in the summer. I guess it won’t be long before he flies the nest completely, sad, but I gain a studio.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Watercolour of sailing boat by David Meldrum
Lunchtime watercolour 20141209. Fabriano rough, 300g, 23 x 30.5cm

Watercolour of sailing boat by David Meldrum
Lunchtime watercolour 20141218. Fabriano rough, 300g, 30.5 x 23cm

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

6 replies on “Two lunchtime watercolours from December”

Happy new year to you too. I can see you can find time to paint no matter where or when. And it´s true, you are improving a lot painting skies and water effects, The only BUT I see in the first it´s quite centered, this is not a problem because of freshness and the color in that wonderful sky.Congratulations, I´ve missing my almost daily "dose" of art but that´s christmas.

Thank you setxu! I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine again. Christmas is fun but it's very disruptive too. I'm curious, did you receive anything in the post from me? I hope it wasn't lost on the way to you.

No I haven´t received anything yet, don´t worry once I get you can be sure I let you know, it´s not very strange this kind of delays in spanish mailing. Did you put your address on it , I would like to send you a watercolor. If you don´t please send me a mail. Thank you.

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