Kintaikyo Bridge

Kintaikyo bridge

Kintaikyo bridge, Iwakuni, Japan. From my sketchbook. I added contrast yesterday.  A lovely memory from when I visited my son. Saunders Waterford sketchbook, 300g fine grain, 28 x 19 cm  

War musum visit

With Stockholm Urban Sketchers

Got you, got me.

meldrum art

Tourist filming me while I sketch her! Miyajima, Japan. From my sketchbook. I’m back in Sweden now! It was so nice to visit my son and his wife in Iwakuni, south of Hiroshima. Japan is such an interesting place, it really is foreign to me and that is what is so cool and interesting with… Continue reading Got you, got me.

Shinto shrine

O-torii gate, Miyajima, Japan. From my sketchbook.

Archipelagos are so beautiful

Yashiro Island, Japan. A beautiful archipelago very far from home. From my sketchbook.

Ice cream queue

Meldrum Art

My trip to Asia