Tuesday’s life Drawing

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20150217We had a new model, she is from Catalonia and is a circus artist. It’s always enjoyable with a new model, it takes time to get to know how to draw his or her form. Ten minute nude Ten minute nude Five minute nude Five minute nude Two minute nude Two minute… Continue reading Tuesday’s life Drawing

Thank you for the flowers …

Thank you for the flowers Berit and Pierre. Lillies, Fabriano GF 300g, 30x40cm 

Island fishing

Not much to say about this painting, it’s partly from a photograph and partly from my imagination. I am producing a lot of work right now, the quality may not be 100% but I feel it’s important to just paint and paint a lot, I’m learning at a very fast rate because of this. The… Continue reading Island fishing

Party tulips

I had a party at the weekend for my friends from Life Drawing and Urban Sketchers. It was a great evening and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. We were given lots of flowers which was ideal for painting afterwards. Tulips. Arches rough 300g, 28.5 x 38.5cm 20120212

Dealing with bad drying conditions

Here in Sweden it’s cool and damp between September and December. And it’s pretty cool the rest of the year except for July and August which means it is hard to dry watercolours while outdoors. I visited the hardware store for a solution and I think I found it. I’ll just have to be careful… Continue reading Dealing with bad drying conditions

Tuesday’s model

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20150203 We had a wonderful model this week which was a real treat. She held a very elegant pose, time after time. The session was quite inspiring. Five minute nude on A4 Fabriano sketch paper Five minute nude on A4 Fabriano sketch paper Five minute nude on A4 Fabriano sketch paper Five… Continue reading Tuesday’s model

Horses are tricky

I’ve been painting horses recently, they are difficult to paint and draw but I like the challenge. This small painting used to be much larger but I chopped off the legs due to my inability to capture their movement. Meanwhile I’m working on two other horse paintings and as usual, the more one practices, the… Continue reading Horses are tricky