Exhibition over, my thoughts

The end

With the help of my wife I gathered up all my watercolours and packed them into the car last night. It’s always a strange feeling coming to the end of something, be it a holiday abroad or an exhibition in Stockholm. The exhibition was a success in many ways but to be honest I didn’t… Continue reading Exhibition over, my thoughts

Two days left to see my watercolours

Viewing David Meldrum's watercolours

My watercolours are on show at Rääf Gallery, Hornsgatan 32, Stockholm. Exhibition ends 25th of September – 18.00 Tuesday, Wednesday.

Summer, I miss you.


To be fair, we are having a beautiful week here in Stockholm, it could be summer, it feels like summer on the skin, the sun is so warm – I have to take my jacket off but I don’t put it down. No , I don’t trust this little bubble, I feel it will burst… Continue reading Summer, I miss you.

The importance of sketching

It is so important to sketch on a regular basis, everyday if possible. I was so busy before the summer, it was quite stressed to be honest so my daily sketching habit got broken. In fact, a whole I missed a whole term of life drawing which is ironic because I run my own classes… Continue reading The importance of sketching

An exhibition of my watercolours!

Hello and welcome,My watercolour exhibition opens at Rääf Gallery, 11.00 Saturday 21st of September, Hornsgatan 32, Stockholm. Exhibition ends 25th of September 18.00. It’s kinda spontaneous this exhibition, I knew I was probably too late to book a gallery for the autumn but I checked and Gallery Rääf did have a free week in September.… Continue reading An exhibition of my watercolours!

Life drawing begins today


Start 5th of September

Painting Outdoors – Watercolour Demonstration Ep.13

This watercolour demonstration was a real challenge because of frequent showers while painting. I was on the island of Björnö close to Stockholm a few weeks back and it was a wonderful day really because I learned a lot about my patience as an artist. It was also a day of discovery as I’d never… Continue reading Painting Outdoors – Watercolour Demonstration Ep.13