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A memory from Mexico

The forest was way too complex for me to paint. I had to simplify the subject and I tried to capture the feeling instead. Fun, fun, fun.

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My Pencil Sketchbook 2021 – 2022

My pencil sketches from last year and the year before.

New video 🙂

My Pencil Sketchbook 2021 – 2022

My previous sketchbook video seems to be quite popular on my YouTube channel so here is the next one. I use these small sketchbooks because they are easy to always have in a pocket or shoulder bag. I like the texture of the paper, it’s called, Hand Book Journal.Co and it’s distributed by Speedball Art Products, Statesville, NC. It’s made in India. Here is a link to their website:

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All good things come to an end

I’ve been having a great time in Mexico visiting my old friend Jorge. Yesterday, Luis , a new friend, showed me a wonderful spot in the local forest to sketch. My adventure is coming to an end soon. I have to get back to Stockholm. My life drawing classes begin this Thursday. Contrasts.


Enjoying my holiday in Mexico

I really needed some sun. I am visiting a good old friend of mine here in Campeche, Mexico. It’s the winter season here also, … except It’s 32 degrees by midday. I’m glad it’s not the summer!

I’m getting my share of sunlight, trying not to burn, painting when I can. Good food, beers, and long conversations with my Mexican friend. It’s really nice. It’s 3 degrees and grey in Stockholm. Hmm, 32 degrees and humid is so not so bad.

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My latest painting outdoors video

The watercolour in this video was painted on the island of Nämdö in the Stockholm archipelago. I spent two days camping and sketching, the weather was wonderful but it was starting to get chilly.

Painting outdoors in the late Nordic summer. Ep37