Sketching Stockholm


This week I am home and I tend to spend too much time in my studio. I therefore make sure I go for a walk or cycle each day. I always bring my sketch bag with me. The weather has been really amazing lately so I am doing a lot of light studies. Watercolour for… Continue reading Sketching Stockholm

Painting Outdoors in Gålö, south of Stockholm

Watercolour sketch of summer house

I really enjoyed myself painting this little sketch in the early summer light of Sweden. If you would like to see me painting it please click here. There is a better description of the video in my previous post, click here to read that. If you would like to see a larger image… Continue reading Painting Outdoors in Gålö, south of Stockholm

Sketching Outdoors Ep18

A few weeks ago I went on a short trip to Gålö which is 27 km south of Stockholm. It’s a nature reserve, and camping there is relatively easy. It always amazes me how close I actually am to nature even though I spend most of my time in an urban environment like Stockholm. I… Continue reading Sketching Outdoors Ep18

Summer sketching

View from Boda

The weather has been so good recently, I made sure I got away from the studio and explored the countryside close to home. The countryside usually means water and islands that are crowned with Scots pine. At least I seem to be always drawn to the sea, I feel best there by the waters edge… Continue reading Summer sketching

Sketches from Nacka Strand

Cloudy Djurgården

I just love driving down to Nacka Strand, which is close to where I live. There I practice my clouds, my reflections and at the same time unwind enjoying the view. Did you know you can support your favourite artists at patreon.comFollow my weekly vlog plus get bonus material, watercolours even at:! 

Sunday I met more friends!

Yes, on Sunday I met more art friends. This time it was an unofficial Urban Sketchers meetup. We met at Humlegården in central Stockholm and enjoyed the sun soaked day.I managed to do two sketches, one trying to capture the light in the trees and the other is of the statue of Linné, the famous… Continue reading Sunday I met more friends!

So nice to be social and painting again

I came to a point early last week when I said to myself, enough is enough, I have to meet friends. Sweden has a very relaxed approach to the Corona virus pandemic so it’s no problem whatever to meet people, it’s our responsibly in other words. All of us have been shy about meeting up.… Continue reading So nice to be social and painting again