Wednesday’s lunchtime painting

I could have been more subtle with the highlights but it was in my lunchtime rush. 45 minutes and done. 🙂 Lighthouse 17 x 12 cm, Fabriano HP 300g 20150325

Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: KonstnĂ€rshuset, Stockholm 20150324 I used A3 paper instead of my normal A4 Fabriano, I was surprised by how much easier it was to draw curved lines. The only negative was that I could not use my scanner and had to photograph instead. Besides the latter, I really enjoyed sketching the model, she was great.… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

Lunchtime watercolour

A little seascape completed during my lunch break. Size: 14 x 9 cm pÄ Fabriano HP 300g papper. 20150323 Seascape

Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: KonstnĂ€rshuset, Stockholm. I had a good evening last Tuesday. I maintained a high level (says he) for the whole session which rarely happens, if ever. ( Click on one of the images to see a larger version.) Five minute nude Five minute nude Five minute nude Ten minute nude Ten minute nude Two minute… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

My first exhibition

I was delighted to have one of my paintings accepted  for the annual watercolour exhibition at VĂ€sby Konsthall, an art gallery that’s a short distance from Stockholm. This is my first time so it was a trill to be at the opening yesterday. One painting may be a modest start but for me it is… Continue reading My first exhibition

Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: KonstnĂ€rshuset, Stockholm, 20150310 A new model this week, at least I don’t think I’ve drawn her before. She had a Egon Schiele type of body, skinny, long fingers and big hands with an unusual face. I really enjoyed sketching her, I hope I get to draw her again soon. It takes a few hours… Continue reading Tuesday’s life drawing

A lunchtime watercolour

I was quite happy with this watercolour. I finished it within half an hour during my lunch break. I used two photographs as reference, one for subject and the other for lighting. It is very small at 7,8 x 11,5 cm. I used masking fluid for the lighthouse and reflection. I painted 3 layers and… Continue reading A lunchtime watercolour

Saturday’s life drawing

Venue: Basis, Stockholm, 20150307 I love the social aspect of going to Saturday life drawing at Basis. The people there are so warm and friendly. It’s a shame the lighting in the room is so bad, directional light is almost none existent. It gets better in the spring when natural light replaces the cold and… Continue reading Saturday’s life drawing

Ups and downs

Venue; KonstnĂ€rshuset, Stockholm, 20150303 I am struggling at life drawing at the moment. That’s the way it goes, up and down, great then bad. We even had a power-cut mid way through the last session, Had a great model but we were plunged into darkness during the coffee break and there was nothing else to… Continue reading Ups and downs