David Meldrum figure drawing My Life Drawing

Ups and downs

Venue; Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20150303

I am struggling at life drawing at the moment. That’s the way it goes, up and down, great then bad. We even had a power-cut mid way through the last session, Had a great model but we were plunged into darkness during the coffee break and there was nothing else to do but go home early feeling a little bit depressed.
The good thing about a down period is that it is usually followed by an up.

Five minute nude by David Meldrum
5 minute nude

Five minute nude by David Meldrum
5 minute nude

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

4 replies on “Ups and downs”

Yes and here are the ups, love the first one, the sense of movement it´s incredible, and your smudging is fantastic.Sorry for my short explanations, your work deserves much more than this but this is not my mothertonge and that takes me a lot of effort triying to explain what you transmit me.

Var inte så hård mot dig själv! 🙂 Jag beundrar verkligen din skuggteknik i krokierna och blir väldigt nyfiken på om ni har så fin ljussättning eller om du själv förstärker skuggorna?
Vänligen Helene SR

Thank you so much setxu! English may not be your mother tongue but you say so many nice things about my work, I think you master the language perfectly! If you want to communicate in Spanish it's fine with me. I cannot speak it unfortunately but there is Google Translate.

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