Portrait painting

Today I did some portrait painting at Folkkulturcentrum, in Ropsten, Stockholm. There were four, half hour poses. I was very happy with two of my sketches. It was the first time I was at Folkkulturcentrum, I enjoyed the atmosphere so I’m sure I’ll be back some time soon. 30 minute portrait  30 minute portrait 

My favourite life drawing books

My favourite life drawing books are the following:  One is called, Henry Yan’s figure drawing techniques and tips. The other book is titled, The Natural Way to Paint, by Charles Reid. Henry Yan’s is based on pencil and charcoal techniques and Charles Reid focuses on pencil and watercolour techniques. I find both very inspiring and… Continue reading My favourite life drawing books

Life drawing at Basis

Here are a few quick sketches from my Saturday session at Basis, Stockholm. A five minute watercolour and two, two minute pencil and synthetic charcoal sketches. Five minute watercolour sketch Two minute sketch Two minute sketch

Watercoloured two minute sketch

This was originally a two minute pencil sketch (20121204) on 200 gram watercolour paper. I painted it last Friday, 20130125. I was really happy with it when I did the first wash, then it became muddy as I put on further layers. I want to create a three dimensional quality without losing the vibrancy of a single wash. Live… Continue reading Watercoloured two minute sketch

Bill Buchman figure drawing demo

A figure drawing tutorial by Bill Buchman. I had to login to my Google account in order to see this video which was a bit annoying. I had to prove I was over eighteen, it was worth the effort, I like his approach to life drawing. He has a Vimeo video channel which is worth visiting.… Continue reading Bill Buchman figure drawing demo

First life drawing 2013

At last, I found time to go to life drawing. I’ve been very busy since Christmas so it was a great pleasure to sketch tonight. The session was a two hour pose, the model was a real pro, stood still as a statue. The venue was, The Swedish Academy of Realistic Art in Stockholm. I’m happy… Continue reading First life drawing 2013

Steve Hanks – Watercolour realist

Steve Hanks can certainly paint a nude. I admire his work, the detail is amazing, I guess he paints from photographs, it would be impossible to capture so much detail otherwise. Steve Hanks – Female portrait nude from Art Center on Vimeo. Steve Hanks – The beauty of women from Art Center on Vimeo.

Ted Nuttall on Facebook

I discovered the figurative watercolour artist, Ted Nuttall has a Facebook page. His latest work is published there. Visit Ted Nuttall on Facebook here. Please note that for this link to work you need to be already logged into your Facebook account. His personal website is also worth a visit of course, click here for that.

Watercolour nude

I am not 100% happy with this effort, I got the model’s back all muddy, too many strokes! The leg should also have softer edges to suggest depth. Another learning experience that caused frustration but at the same time satifaction. Nothing is straight forward and simple for long when one watercolours.  Watercolour nude study from photograph