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Ted’s website is good but his watercolour images are not much larger than postage stamps. This is unfortunate as I want to study his work in detail, I really like his approach.

Here are some links worthwhile visiting if you are interested in his work. (Please send links to me too, I’d appreciate that.)

Ted Nuttall Homepage
Arvada Award
Art News DFW
South West Art

(I’ll add more links here at a later date)

Portrait Ted Nuttall Watercolour

Ted Nuttall on Facebook

I discovered the figurative watercolour artist, Ted Nuttall has a Facebook page. His latest work is published there. Visit Ted Nuttall on Facebook here. Please note that for this link to work you need to be already logged into your Facebook account.

His personal website is also worth a visit of course, click here for that.
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Ted Nuttall – Watercolourist

Ted Nuttall seems to live in a sunny warm climate, at least his paintings radiate sunshine and warmt, lucky him.

Here is Ted doing a demonstration of his technique: