Vacation painting

I had planned to paint more but we travelled over 1000 kilometres in 5 days between Bergen and Trondheim, Norway. It was a wonderful holiday, such a beautiful country. Next trip, I will travel every second day only so that I have more time to paint.

More flowers

I am really happy with the top half of this watercolour, the bottom was difficult though, I had to correct my mistakes often. I’m not experienced at painting flowers, heck, I’m not experienced with watercolouring full-stop. I like the challenge though, trying new things, like cars, I’m not interested in speedy auto mobiles but I… Continue reading More flowers

Sketching classic cars

Today I travelled from Söder in Stockholm on a 1938 Scania – Vabis nicknamed the “Bulldog”. Our destination was the “Gärdesloppet”, a large gathering of old vehicles held once a year. I had a fun day, I’m not mad about cars but I enjoyed seeing grown men’s faces light up with joy at the sight… Continue reading Sketching classic cars

Japanese Flowers

I like painting flowers, after nudes I think painting flowers is my favourite. My preferences change like the wind though, next week it might be cows! Japanese Flowers 23 x 30cm / 9 x 12″.  20140510

Portraits are hard to do

This is my second attempt at capturing Egon Schiele’s likeness. I knew shortly after starting that it would not be like him but I continued anyway practising my pencil shading. You may notice that my pencil technique changed a little if you compare the top of the illustration with the bottom. That’s because I watched… Continue reading Portraits are hard to do

Summer time …

The summer break has arrived and sadly I won’t be life drawing at Basis again until after the summer break  – something in September. Feels such a long time away. I am pleased with my efforts from this session, I try hard now to be positive and not let negative thoughts distract me from producing… Continue reading Summer time …

Tuesday’s Life drawing

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20140506 The summer is coming and there are only a few more weeks of life drawing before the break. I am happy with my personal development so far this year, I feel that I’m improving each time I draw and my watercolours have also improved.Today I received the keys to the studio… Continue reading Tuesday’s Life drawing