Sketching on my bicycle

Stockholm Town Hall

It was a hot summer’s day in Stockholm when I decided to sketch the Town Hall, a building I just adore. I have condensed two hours of film into 15 minutes, some may still call it “Slow TV”, … It’s true in a way, you are watching paint dry after all. I don’t say a… Continue reading Sketching on my bicycle

A laboured watercolour sketch

Looking out to sea at Nacka Strand

I painted this sketch from my van down by the water close to where I live. If I ignore all the scrubbing and scratching I think it has a nice feeling to it. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the composition, maybe it’s the sunny vibe or the girl looking out to sea. I would like… Continue reading A laboured watercolour sketch

How to save a watercolour sketch or not.

How I saved an outdoor sketch. This video isn’t for the sensitive watercolour painter, no this is probably the crudiest watercolour rescue hack on YouTube. Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is always welcome. If you would like to see the actual watercolour sketch, click the thumbnail below

Life drawing will be streamed this autumn

Watercolour nude

A live streamed Meldrum Kroki will begin on the 10th of September. My actual life drawing classes are otherwise on hold until the pandemic is under control. More news on how to join my streamed life drawing classes very soon. Meldrum Kroki startar igen torsdag den 10 september.På grund av smittorisk kommer klasserna att enbart… Continue reading Life drawing will be streamed this autumn

I miss the sea but sketching derelict buildings is fun too.

This is Liljeholmen, an industrial area that had it’s better days many, many years ago. Fun to sketch, charming even. 17.5 x 13 cm Click the Thumbnail below if you would like to see the full sized image.

The last sketch

Orange sky

I was sitting outside in the cockpit of our boat, the weather was grey, the light flat. There was nothing that inspired me. So this watercolour sketch is just a figment of my imagination, maybe it was our own boat that inspired me to paint the orange sky. Maybe. We sail an archipelago sailing boat… Continue reading The last sketch

Not sure about this one

This watercolour (13 x 17.5 cm ) was painted in a small bay at Böteskobben close to Nämdö in the Stockholm archipelago. There is something about the sketch that unsettles me. I think it’s the rocks, are they all too regular in shape and size? Please let me know what you think! 🙂 13 x… Continue reading Not sure about this one

Sheltering in the outer archipelago

The original sketch

I have good memories from my time in the outer Stockholm archipelago. This watercolour sketch is a bit scratchy but I think it caught the feeling of us sheltering from bad weather pretty well at Sadelöga. I will most likely develop this into a studio painting later in the year.17.5 x 13 cm Click the… Continue reading Sheltering in the outer archipelago

Enjoying simple things

I painted this watercolour sketch south of Trosa mid way through the trip, it’s south of Nynäshamn which in turn is south of Stockholm. Looking at it now I am reminded how tranquil it was. Very good for the soul. 13 x 17.5 cm Click the thumbnail below for the full sized image.