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The advantage of painting small

If you have been following this blog, or my Patreon page or even my Facebook page you’ll know that I suffer from seasonal depression (SAD). It has held me back enormously over the last three years. Thankfully, I am now getting the help that I need and therefore feel pretty positive.

This is where the small paintings come in.
It is way too much for me to paint a large watercolour right now. I’m a person in recovery and so my ability to focus is pretty shot. This is why I think small. 18 x 13 cm usually. If you know about painting on quarter – sheets then you’ll understand when I say, I paint on quarter – quarter – sheets. For the rest of you, it’s about A5 in size.

This little watercolour is from a reference photo I took a few years back when we visited Trosa in the southern Stockholm archipelago. I’ve painted it before, I like the composition. Yes, it’s 18 x 13cm in size.

Take care of yourselves.

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So windy. It was time to go home

It was a very windy summer. We spent so much time trying to find protection from the strong winds. Survival stuff it was sometimes. After two and half weeks we had had enough.

So this watercolour was the last of the paintings from my holiday. It sums up the the end of our adventure pretty well. We were in a small natural harbour on the island of Kallskär which is in the outer archipelago. After this we headed west towards Stockholm dodging strong winds and squalls that hunted us.

Kallskär 18 x 13cm

Kallskär 18 x 13cm
Sketches sketching watercolor Watercolour

Islands and trees, that’s it!

Trees, there are a lot of them in the Stockholm archipelago. So difficult to paint, green is an awful colour to work with, appears flat and lifeless any chance it gets. There is so much for me to master while out sailing, patience being number one.

Four small sketches of the the same scene, 18 x 13cm, Hasselö, 2022.07.20

Sketch sketching watercolor Watercolour

Four interpretations of the same scene

While out sailing in the archipelago we would sometimes take a day off and just hang in a beautiful spot. This would give me the opportunity to paint. The four watercolours here are of the same scene on Själbottna island painted over two days.

I realise that my first watercolour is usually rushed and therefore not so good. I guess it’s a necessary evil, a process to slow down and really see what is in front of me. The third watercolour was an attempt to capture the advent of rain and dark thunderous skies. Finally the last watercolour was painted the next morning just before we lifted anchor and sailed off in some direction I cannot remember.

The watercolours are 18 x 13cm in size and were painted on the 16/17th of July, 2022.

watercolor Watercolour

I don’t have artist block, I have something a lot worse

I have been suffering badly from depression (SAD) since September. I’m not going to go into detail but anyone who suffers from the same ball and chain affliction knows it isn’t easy to achieve anything of substance. So this little painting, although a bit grey, is a ray of light as I have been able to complete it. It makes me very feel good.

I am returning to the doctor this week, the current approach hasn’t worked. Hopefully a solution can be found soon. I so do want to enjoy life, smile and paint, paint, paint.

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Ferry at Finnboda
Ferry at Finnboda
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My Field Easel and sweet summer memories

During the summer we sailed to the Åland archipelago, which lies between Sweden and Finland. During the trip I made a short film about my easel set up and kit bag. I do long for the summer months when I see this video.

watercolor Watercolour

“Don’t paint pretty sunsets”, they said.

Wise painters stay away from pretty photographs of ocean sunsets. I know this is true as I tried years back and yes, I failed. The watercolour turned out to be cheesy, a classic motif to sell to tourists maybe but not a work of art that I was proud of. Nothing I would wish to show to others.

William Turner, he painted many sunsets, he had a certain attitude, he was a rebel, a hero to many, an inspiration to me.

I snapped an evening photo while sailing off the coast of Sicily, I thought to myself, this is not your typical sunset. So dramatic. It’s badass. I had a go at trying to capture the moment. 36 x 26 cm.

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Sicilian sunset
Sicilian sunset


A tourist’s watercolour

I was recently lucky enough to be sailing along the coast of Sicily not far from Palermo. There was this beautiful town called Cefalu that hugged an impressive rock. It just had to be painted. 36 x 26 cm


Painting watercolours where I live – New YouTube video

Painting a Tugboat and talking about composition

It’s here at last, Episode 29. I really enjoyed this watercolour. It took two days to film. I did a pencil sketch on the first day but then had to wait a day to paint the final watercolour because I ran out of daylight. I talk a lot about composition and my approach to simplifying the subject. I hope you find it interesting.