Final painting of Stockholm street

Sibyllegatan, Stockholm


The first watercolour wash



Watercolour of Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm

Birger Jarlsgatan by Davdi Meldrum

Like I said in the previous post, it is so nice to be painting again. My focus this week is capturing light in urban settings. For Sale: €400 Title: Birger Jarlsgatan Technical information: Painted on the backside of Saunders Waterford Rough. 26 x 36 cm. I use W&N, Holbien and Daniel Smith paints. Become a… Continue reading Watercolour of Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm

Experimenting with light

Sankt Eriksgatan, Stockholm

After weeks of illness it is so nice to be watercolouring again. I was very frustrated not being well enough to paint but I am recovering and I feel a lot better now.I am very focused on improving myself these days so I throw myself into areas that are uncomfortable. Zones like portrait painting and… Continue reading Experimenting with light

Nice to be painting again

portrait practice

I was very ill last week and I’m still recovering. The most frustrating thing about not being well is the inability to paint. It was a wonderful feeling therefore to do some portrait practice yesterday evening, it means I am feeling better and soon everything will be back to normal. This young girl uploaded her… Continue reading Nice to be painting again

National Watercolour Exhibition – Edsvik


I was very happy to have one of my paintings excepted into the annual National Watercolour Exhibition at the Edsvik Art Gallery. The watercolour is entitled, Västan – which is the name of the Stockholm ferry featured. It’s interesting for me as this watercolour is two years old and as I am still developing as… Continue reading National Watercolour Exhibition – Edsvik

Practicing for my first workshop

Gentle archipelago breeze


My first workshop – 9th of March

Yes, I am going to try my hand at teaching. I am very late getting this out to people so I’ll be happy if only two come. It’s on the 9th of March which is next week already! I spent so much time thinking about how I wanted to teach and what I wanted to… Continue reading My first workshop – 9th of March