Watercolours from my trip to the Costa Brava, Spain.

2019.04.17 – 24

I had an amazing week staying mainly in the town of Calella but I also visited, Pals, Cadaqués and Girona.
Here are my watercolours from the trip. The great thing about painting outdoors for a week it that you gain such a connection with the landscape you are in. A photograph is only ever an image.

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Experimenting with light

After weeks of illness it is so nice to be watercolouring again. I was very frustrated not being well enough to paint but I am recovering and I feel a lot better now.
I am very focused on improving myself these days so I throw myself into areas that are uncomfortable. Zones like portrait painting and urban scenes, I also feel I can improve a lot in the painting light. This what I am focused on this week.

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Väsby watercolour exhibition 2016

I was very happy with the prominent position I got at this years watercolour exhibition at Väsby Konsthall. The opening was yesterday and it will run until the 15th of May.
Don’t forget my first solo exhibition next Saturday on the 23rd at Galleri T in Gamla Stan.

Väsby watercolour exhibition 2016
Väsby watercolour exhibition 2016

A quick watercolour nude

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 20151129

This is a quickie I did last Sunday. I painted a longer one which took 90 minutes but I just want to finish her eyes before I publish.

A5 watercolour 5-10 minutes

Two lunchtime watercolours

I painted these during my lunch breaks last week. I want to master capturing the affects of water and sky. I improve each time I make an attempt,  … just gotta keep trying I guess!

watercolour by david meldrum
Sailing in Stockholm

watercolour by david meldrum
Sailing in the light

Horse weekend

As a web designer, I help promote everything to do with horse betting and horse culture here in Sweden. My office is right next to the national trotting track (Solvalla) and so I see horses every day. It struck me a while back that they are just as interesting to study and draw as humans, such elegant creatures. I  dedicated this weekend to drawing and painting them, to see if I could be as good as Joseph Zbukvic! No chance, I have a number of apprentice years left I’m afraid. I had fun doing them though, the weekend just zipped by. For all three paintings I used photos as reference care of Kanal 75.

Horse watercolour by David Meldrum
“Spring”, Fabriano Artistico gf 300g/m2 38 x 28 cm.  

Horse watercolour by David Meldrum
“Mountain air”, Arches rough 300g/m2 28 x 38 cm. 

Horse watercolour by David Meldrum
“Speed”, Arches rough 300g/m2 38 x 28 cm. 

Weekend painter

I’ve been enjoying myself this weekend. Non-stop watercolouring for two days, heaven! I have chosen horses as my theme for painting. It’s a lot of fun, I’ll publish some of them later today.

Becoming more consistent …

Venue; Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20140408

I seem to be producing a steady flow of figurative watercolours that I am happy with these days. I hope I continue being so happy with myself even next week…

Nude by David Meldrum
Five minute watercolour nude 

Nude by David Meldrum
Ten minute watercolour nude 

Nude by David Meldrum
Five minute watercolour nude 
Nude by David Meldrum
Two minute nude

Karl Mårtens – A Quest For The Unexpected

I bought this wonderful book by Karl Mårtens at, Konst & Folk Gallery. I really like karl’s approach to watercolouring, a mixture of Zen Buddhism, Scandinavian simplicity, Japanese calligraphy and natural artistic talent. I had a look around on the internet and have not found it so you’ll need to visit the gallery if you want to buy it.

Visit Karl Mårtens website here.

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