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Monday’s life drawing

I decided to figure paint, exciting when you only have 5 minutes or even worse, 2 minutes. Painted on Fabriano non-cotton paper, it was cheap and better than that nasty Canson paper. Cotton paper is too expensive because one uses so much during a 2 hour session.

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Life drawing again

Watercolour nude

My first life drawing since the spring and I decided to use my watercolours. I used cheap Canson watercolour paper, I hate it compared to Arches or Fabriano but it’s just too expensive to waste a block of quality paper during a life drawing session. I used Koo i noor woodless watercolour sticks for the first time, I really liked them so I’ll be using them a lot in future. Each of these watercolours took five minutes to complete, at that speed one cannot hesitate – a quick line sketch of the figure and then paint as much as you can in the remaining time before the pose ends. It’s stressful for sure but I find it exhilarating.

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Saturday’s life drawing

Venue: Basis, Stockholm 20160402
I tried something new yesterday and I was very happy with the result. I used a liner brush and W&N sepia watercolour paint. The poses were quickies ranging from 2, 3,4 and 5 minutes. I will be doing this again in the future, this is guaranteed 🙂


















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Sunday’s figure painting

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20160228

On the last Sunday of each month I go to a two hour – one position life drawing or figure painting session. It’s a fun day because I meet up with the local Stockholm UrbanSketchers beforehand to sketch for at least 3 hours! 🙂

Model Jonas who is a dancer on Arches rough 300g watercolour paper

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Sunday Nude

I spent the whole day yesterday drawing and painting. First I met up with fellow Stockholm – Urbansketchers. We gathered outside the library at Kulturhuset which is a large cultural centre in the middle of Stockholm. Later in the day some of us attended life drawing at Konstnärshuset,  this watercolour took 40 minutes. It was challenging because I had to paint wet on wet most of the time. I had to apply thick paint for the eyes, otherwise the damp paper would have blurred them out of recognition. If you would like to see my urban-sketches please visit here.
Sunday figure painting
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Painting a live model

I wish there were more opportunities to paint longer model poses here in Stockholm. Maybe the art colleges have. If anyone out there knows of same position, one, two or three hours model posing please do inform me.
This watercolour took one hour in total to paint. I say in total because we had a 20 minute coffee break after forty minutes. See previous post for the last painting from the evening, it was a quick one that took 10 minutes.

One hour watercolour of live model, Arches Rough 300g

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A quick watercolour nude

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 20151129

This is a quickie I did last Sunday. I painted a longer one which took 90 minutes but I just want to finish her eyes before I publish.

A5 watercolour 5-10 minutes

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Two hour pose

Last Sunday I spent two hours painting this portrait of a male nude. I didn’t quite capture the likeness very well but I’m happy with the end result anyway. The picture is about A3 in size and on Fabriano Rough 300g paper.

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Summer time …

The summer break has arrived and sadly I won’t be life drawing at Basis again until after the summer break  – something in September. Feels such a long time away. I am pleased with my efforts from this session, I try hard now to be positive and not let negative thoughts distract me from producing good work. I think my colour toning has improved a lot recently, I’m happy with that. Now I wait until Tuesday to sketch but wait, I might have to choose painting at my new studio instead. What ever I do, there will be sketches and paintings being published on this blog all throughout the summer months 🙂

Ten minute watercolour nude

Two minute nude

Ten minute watercolour nude

Five minute watercolour sketch on drawing paper

Ten minute watercolour

Two minute nude