I’m still playing around with these coloured pencils. I sketched from a photograph I found on the internet, I like the pose, it’s hard to find erotic material on the net that is not too pornographic if you know what I mean. Where is the line between eroticism and pornography anyway? I guess that’s up to each and everyone of us to decide for ourselves.

Nude sketch by David Meldrum
Naked on the internet, a study.

Thursday’s life drawing

Venue: The Swedish Academy of Realist Art  20130418

I actually turned up at the wrong life drawing session, I wondered why no one had arrived and then I slowly realised that I was at the wrong place on the wrong day! Luckily, I was half an hour early and so made it to the right address just on time. I’m stressed at work, I can blame it on that or maybe it’s my age.

Nude by David Meldrum
Pencils on coloured paper. Nude 2013.04.18

Thursday’s figure painting

After one hour this painting was going real well. The pencil drawing was fine and the first watercolour wash felt good.

Then, for the last hour of the session I painted layer upon layer of bad decisions. By the end of the session I was totally frustrated at my limited technique. So I scrubbed a lot of the pigment from the model’s face, dropped it into my carrying case and went home grumpier than a newly-woken bear.

When I got home, I took a large black pencil to the painting and what you see below is the result. I’m actually happy with it, but I still wish I could paint better, then I wouldn’t have to use a pencil to rescue the portrait.

Watercolour Male Nude by David Meldrum
Male Nude 20130411