Last watercolour for this year

My last watercolour for 2013. It’s been an interesting year. I’m excited about 2014 as I’ve promised myself to really start painting watercolours seriously. Watercolour nude by David Meldrum 20131229

Life without a pencil

This is a great Christmas present! It seems I do not need to outline anymore. This is the second watercolour I have created without any initial pencil marks. I am happy enough with the result and I look forward now to 2014 and developing this new found skill. 🙂 Nude with no outlines. Saunders Waterford… Continue reading Life without a pencil

The Naked Truth

Do I need to use a pencil initially when painting a watercolour nude? I didn’t here and I like the result, I just started painting the nude directly onto paper. I will continue down this path and see what develops. Merry Christmas! Pencil free nude. Saunders Waterford HP  paper – 31 x 23 cm

Last life drawing for 2013

The final session at Basis, I look forward to next year already. Now I have to endure four weeks without any life drawing at all. Good job Christmas is coming to cheer me up. “Dear Santa, could I please have a beautiful studio with an endless supply of fantastic models for Christmas? Thank you!”. 2… Continue reading Last life drawing for 2013

Happy accident

Earlier in the year, on my way to work I did this sketch of a commuter waiting for a train at Södra Station here in Stockholm. I wasn’t impressed with my drawing so I left it in my sketch book that I carry in my rucksack. I rediscovered it today after it had spent months… Continue reading Happy accident

Keeping it simple

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.Yesterday evening all I had with me was an A4 block of paper and some pencils. It suits my current state of mind and to be honest, I think my drawings have improved because of it. “Keep it simple”, they say. I think this only comes about after hours of making ones art… Continue reading Keeping it simple

Two minute nudes

Here are a few two minute nudes from life drawing at Basis today. I learned one thing, never sign your signature with a felt-tip marker before spraying fixative on the drawing. Two minute nude. Fabriano A4 paper, 21×29.7 cm Two minute nude. Fabriano A4 paper, 21×29.7 cm Two minute nude. Fabriano A4 paper, 21×29.7 cm… Continue reading Two minute nudes

Life Drawing

Life Drawing at Konstnärshuset (The House of Artists), Stockholm. 20131203I did not produce a high yield of drawings from this session. I struggled, but don’t we all from time to time. Five minute nude, Charcoal. 29.6 x 40.5cm / 11,5 x 16,5″ Ten minute nude, Charcoal. 29.6 x 40.5cm / 11,5 x 16,5″ Five minute… Continue reading Life Drawing

Saturday’s Life Drawing

I was very pleased with my life drawing sketches from Basis at the weekend. I used a chunky charcoal stick and a synthetic coal, Koh-I-Noor pencil. It’s so dramatic with the strong contrast of black and white, very pleasing. A lot of the drawings were completed in two minutes, I have a lot of fun… Continue reading Saturday’s Life Drawing