Weekend cloud practice

The scary thing about painting a nice sky is that one has to have the nerve to finish the rest of the picture.

Lone Sailor. Arches Rough 300g, 31 x 23 cm.

Rather extreme lunchtime painting

Not happy with one watercolour during my lunch break I attempted three. Each was painted on different paper. I wanted to see how the pigment reacted on each. Arches rough, Fabriano fine grain and Fabriano satin. I enjoy working at speed but this was pushing it a bit! 😉

Stockholm sketchers.

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with the Stockholm Urbansketchers. There were many new faces which was great. I had planed to do some watercolour sketches but I found it hard to relax and so focused on doing small pencil drawings instead. So interesting this art thing, it’s such a mind game!