Anders Zorn David Meldrum Watercolour

Anders Zorn

I would like to paint portraits, at least I think I should. I think I could be quite good at them too but I am not sure because I haven’t done so many. The trick is to start. So this portrait of Swedish artist, Anders Zorn is just that, a start. At least it is a beginning, now all I have to do is improve upon it next time I paint a portrait.

Anders Zorn. Arches rough 300g 23 x 31 cm, W&N watercolour.
Anders Zorn Video

Anders Zorn’s house

Here is an interesting talk about Anders Zorn’s house in Mora, Sweden. Johan Cederlund is the director of the Zorn Museum there.

Johan Cederlund holds a PhD in art history from Lund University and was curator of the art collections at Uppsala University, Sweden, from 2000 to 2006. Since 2006, he has served as museum director of the Zorn Collections in Mora. He is an adjunct professor at Uppsala University. Cederlund has written various books about Swedish art and architecture, including Classical Swedish Architecture and Interiors, 1650–1840 (2007) and Zorn 

Anders Zorn David Meldrum Pencil Sketch

Zorn inspired pencil sketch.

I am reading Anders Zorn’s self-biography at the moment. Maybe this is why I did this sketch of a nude bathing in water. The reference image I found on the internet, the model’s name is Finch Linden.

Anders Zorn David Meldrum lunch watercolour Portrait Water colour

Imperfect portrait

I look at my portrait of Anders Zorn and wish I spent more time trying to capture his likeness. At the same time I am happy with the painting. I completed it during two of my lunch breaks. The clock was against me, it wasn’t perfect from the start but I pushed on regardless, my goal was to paint and learn, which I did.

Life drawing has thought me not to get hung up on details, just draw and never pause for thought until the bell goes pling! Some day I will have time to paint and I hope by then I’ll have mastered watercolouring enough to excel at it. Until then, I practice. Time permitting.

Anders Zorn by David Meldrum
Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn Carl Larsson David Meldrum Watercolour

Making progress …

Something has clicked in my head. I changed paper and slowed down, I think about composition, colour and tone. I think I’ve just taken another step on the ladder to be coming a better watercolour painter, that makes me happy.

This watercolour must have been inspired by my visit last week to Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn in Dalarna.