Loguivy de la mer

Painted in the harbour of Loguivy de la mer. Arches rough 31 x 41 cm, 300g

Just ten minutes away from where I was staying in Brittany last week there is a small fishing village called Loguivy de la mer. I found it magical and visited the place for three days in a row. These watercolours were painted on the second day, the 22nd of August I think it was. I am happy with them, they are loose enough in style to feel quite fresh – at least, I think so.

Loguivy de la mer at full tide
Loguivy de la mer at full tide. Arches rough 31 x 23 cm, 300g

Little blue boat

Cute blue boat

When I walked past this boat it struck me how cute it was. I also liked the pier in the background. I had a lot of fun painting this, it took me nearly four hours to complete. It was painted on Arches rough as usual, 31 x 41 cm. Painted on the

The finished painting of the cute blue boat
The finished watercolour and my subject in the background
Uncomplete watercolour
At the halfway point

Oyster boats

This watercolour was painted on the 18rh of August at Paimpol harbour. It was a wet windy day. A lot of the painting was done under an umbrella, that was a first for me. I enjoyed the challenge. 

Arches rough, 31 x 23 cm 300g. W&N paints.


I was walking home after a successful day watercoloring in Paimpol when I spotted this boat standing defiantly and alone on the beach. The day was coming to an end and the sea mist was rolling in. It was a quick painting, I was tired because I had paired since the early morning.

Painted on the 17th of August.

Photo of watercolour by David Meldrum
Photo of watercolour and the beach


This is watercolour I did in the old streets of Paimpol, Brittany. I come here every year and I never get tired of the place. Panted on the 17th of August, 23 x 31 cm on Arches rough.

The streets of Paimpol
Paimpol street

Watercolouring in France

I am currently in France, this watercolour was painted plein air on a beach close to Saint Brieuc. It was a beautiful day and I got a suntan at the same time! 🙂

Saint Brieuc beach. 31 x 23 Arches rough 300g
Saint Brieuc beach. 31 x 23 Arches rough 300g

A commission

I am not very good at taking commissions but I am trying to be more professional about it. I have to accept that people will want to order watercolours that are personal to them and not me. This painting of a house in Ploubazlanec in Brittany, France is a good example. It is not my dream house but it is special to my client who ordered it.

You can also see my new studio layout. I have have placed a screen over my desk which makes sketching from photographic references much easier as it is right in front of me now.

A privateer's house in Ploubazlanec, Brittany
A privateer once lived here
My new studio layout
My new studio layout with screen directly in front of me.
My pallett
My pallett

I want to paint your portrait Leonard

Someday I will paint a good portrait of Leonard Cohen. I am a fan of his poetry and music but most of all, I just like Leonard’s personality.

Migrating from Blogger today

A plein air watercolour sketch of Nybrokajen
A plein air watercolour sketch of Nybrokajen, central Stockholm. 20160801

I’ve had a blog on Blogger.com for years but I’ve had enough. I feel totally uninspired, Google are not supporting it anymore. I can’t even publish my art via the Blogger app on the iPhone.
So this is the day I move and I hope that I will get inspired again and blog more often. I’d love to post everyday, maybe I will. Let’s see if I do!

Plein air Nybrokajen
Plein air Nybrokajen