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Loguivy de la mer

Two sailing boats on dry land on a hot day

Just ten minutes away from where I was staying in Brittany last week there is a small fishing village called Loguivy de la mer. I found it magical and visited the place for three days in a row. These watercolours were painted on the second day, the 22nd of August I think it was. I am happy with them, they are loose enough in style to feel quite fresh – at least, I think so.

Loguivy de la mer at full tide
Loguivy de la mer at full tide. Arches rough 31 x 23 cm, 300g
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Little blue boat

Cute blue boat painted outside Paimpol harbour, Brittany, France

When I walked past this boat it struck me how cute it was. I also liked the pier in the background. I had a lot of fun painting this, it took me nearly four hours to complete. It was painted on Arches rough as usual, 31 x 41 cm. Painted on the

The finished painting of the cute blue boat
The finished watercolour and my subject in the background
Uncomplete watercolour
At the halfway point
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Oyster boats

This watercolour was painted on the 18rh of August at Paimpol harbour. It was a wet windy day. A lot of the painting was done under an umbrella, that was a first for me. I enjoyed the challenge. 

Arches rough, 31 x 23 cm 300g. W&N paints.

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I was walking home after a successful day watercoloring in Paimpol when I spotted this boat standing defiantly and alone on the beach. The day was coming to an end and the sea mist was rolling in. It was a quick painting, I was tired because I had paired since the early morning.

Painted on the 17th of August.

Photo of watercolour by David Meldrum
Photo of watercolour and the beach
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This is watercolour I did in the old streets of Paimpol, Brittany. I come here every year and I never get tired of the place. Panted on the 17th of August, 23 x 31 cm on Arches rough.

The streets of Paimpol
Paimpol street
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Watercolouring in France

I am currently in France, this watercolour was painted plein air on a beach close to Saint Brieuc. It was a beautiful day and I got a suntan at the same time! 🙂

Saint Brieuc beach. 31 x 23 Arches rough 300g
Saint Brieuc beach. 31 x 23 Arches rough 300g
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A commission

I am not very good at taking commissions but I am trying to be more professional about it. I have to accept that people will want to order watercolours that are personal to them and not me. This painting of a house in Ploubazlanec in Brittany, France is a good example. It is not my dream house but it is special to my client who ordered it.

You can also see my new studio layout. I have have placed a screen over my desk which makes sketching from photographic references much easier as it is right in front of me now.

A privateer's house in Ploubazlanec, Brittany
A privateer once lived here
My new studio layout
My new studio layout with screen directly in front of me.
My pallett
My pallett
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I want to paint your portrait Leonard

Someday I will paint a good portrait of Leonard Cohen. I am a fan of his poetry and music but most of all, I just like Leonard’s personality.

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Migrating from Blogger today

A plein air watercolour sketch of Nybrokajen
A plein air watercolour sketch of Nybrokajen, central Stockholm. 20160801

I’ve had a blog on for years but I’ve had enough. I feel totally uninspired, Google are not supporting it anymore. I can’t even publish my art via the Blogger app on the iPhone.
So this is the day I move and I hope that I will get inspired again and blog more often. I’d love to post everyday, maybe I will. Let’s see if I do!

Plein air Nybrokajen
Plein air Nybrokajen