Popular subject

Summer sailing

People here in Stockholm like my paintings of sailing boats in the archipelago, they sell very easily so I’d be stupid not to continue creating them. This painting is interesting as it is in a wide format which suits paintings of the great outdoors a lot. Format: 52 x 13 cm Click the image below… Continue reading Popular subject

Life drawing.

I didn’t go to life drawing last week due to illness. These drawings were from the week before. Sketched on A3 paper.

A watercolour from 2016.

Archipelago a go go

I was in such a hurry before Christmas to get ready for my exhibition I didn’t have much time to blog. I forgot to publish this watercolour which I was very happy with. It was sold very easily, liked by many which made me happy. Click this image to view a larger version

Island sheep

I painted this watercolour during two lunch breaks last week. I used several photos I had taken on the island of Bullerö last summer as reference. I’m happy with my loose style, my brush stokes are fairly confident, the sheep could be better but it’s my second time painting them, like everything else one has… Continue reading Island sheep

Lunchtime watercolour


I’m not sure what people at work think of me when I paint during my lunch break. I hope my bosses don’t mind, I mean it is my lunchtime which is my time, right?  No one has told me to stop, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about it. This watercolour which is a painting… Continue reading Lunchtime watercolour

Longing for the summer

The channel to Gällnö

The channel to Gällnö

Drawing friends

Catharina sketch

I met my life drawing friends at the weekend. We spent the afternoon drawing each other in the basement of an apartment block which was fun, we did this because the life drawing season after the Christmas break hasn’t got going just yet. I starts this week though. My sketchbook is about A5 in size.… Continue reading Drawing friends

The town hall revisited

The view from Central bridge

Ok, so I’m getting better at posting on my blog! … At least that is the way it feels. I’ll try my best to be this good all year long if I can. I feel good when I publish a drawing or a watercolour online, it means that the project is finished and it is… Continue reading The town hall revisited