Meldrum Art – Watercolour Journeys

[ Hiroshima Ep.4 ]

My Watercolour Journeys takes me to Hiroshima

Wet day in Hiroshima - cropped

Meldrum Art – Watercolour Journeys [ Ep.4 ]

Urban Sketching is so much fun

Gröna lund in Stockholm

Gröna lund, Djurgården, Stockholm

How to get better painting clouds


How does one get better at painting clouds? Well, that was the question I had at the beginning of this week. I admire Sergej Temerev a lot so really it’s not that  difficult. I just looked at as many watercolours of his as possible, there is a good Pinterest page featuring his work, here’s the… Continue reading How to get better painting clouds

Nice to be painting again.

The race - cropped

I had an amazing 14 day adventure up in the north of Sweden. We walked 125km though tough wilderness in Sarek National Park which lies above the Arctic Circle. This painting which has nothing to do with Sarek has been at drawing stage for months and I decided on coming home to paint it and… Continue reading Nice to be painting again.