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I am giving my original watercolours away to my supporters on Patreon.

The original

Inspired by my summer watercolour sketch above, I am sending original watercolours to my supporters today. A patron who contributes $5 or more each month is entitled to one. There is other stuff on offer too, for just $1 there’s the weekly vlog and very soon – exclusive watercolour videos on only.
Join the Meldrum Art Supporters Club 😃

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The world sucks, so cold and grey but…

Sketch by Meldrum

Last Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon with my friends at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. The weather was truly awful outside so it was so nice to socialise indoors in these Covid-times. My approach for this sketch was not to try and achieve a perfect likeness of the sculpture but to practice my watercolour tonal skills. I will return another day and try and catch her likeness. 🙂

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A watercolour of the view at Sadelöga

View from Sadelöga

We sailed for the whole month of July this year. It was windy almost everyday and it was important to find some good protection for the evening. Ironically the winds usually died down but it was not guaranteed. This watercolour is the view from Sadelöga, NE of Utö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

I originally painted a small sketch of this scene from the cockpit of the boat, now that it is the season to paint in the studio I decided to have a go at a large version. It’s 70 x 50 cm in format, I haven’t painted this big for a year at least. I really enjoyed the challenge and I am happy enough with the result.

I have a few tubes of paint that I basically don’t really like and have been trying to use up for years. Antwerp Blue, for example. I took the opportunity to use it for the sea and I used Neutral Tint over it to try and calm it down. Like I said before, I am satisfied with the final result but I will be happy to see the end of that tube of 37ml Antwerp Blue.

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Watercolour sketch in the Kings Garden


This watercolour has got a great response on social media, I am very happy about that. Personally I think it is one of my better sketches. The scene was very complicated to begin with and so decoding it and getting it down on paper was a real challenge. A challenge that I really enjoyed. The weather was warm and sunny too, a wonderful day, I have a clear memory of it because of this sketch. I can’t rest on past success though, today I will paint another watercolour and try and improve my skills, every brush stroke should be beautiful.

KungstrÀgÄrden sketch 18 x 13 cm
Click the thumbnail below for the full-sized image.

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Painting willows and a fountain in central Stockholm – my latest video Ep24

In this video I paint a watercolour of the Kings Garden (KungstrĂ€gĂ„rden) in central Stockholm. I have lots fun trying to capture the complicated scene that was in front of me. It was a beautiful day and I ended up very happy with my sketch, that doesn’t happen everyday.

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Painting watercolours and catching up with friends


Last weekend I met my life drawing friends. We’ve known each other for years so it has been tough not meeting them due to the pandemic. It was incredibly nice to meet finally, we sketched a little, I chose to paint the Vasa museum, a must see if you ever visit Stockholm. The high point of yesterday was not the sketching really but the coffee afterwards and the hours of happy chatting with the autumn sometimes reminding us it was on it’s way. Later in the evening I finished the sketch. I am experimenting more, it’s a lot of fun. 13 x 17.5 cm

If you would like to see my latest video click this link:
Sketching watercolours while cruising Ep23

Click the thumbnail below to see the original full-sized image.

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How to save a watercolour sketch or not.

How I saved an outdoor sketch. This video isn’t for the sensitive watercolour painter, no this is probably the crudiest watercolour rescue hack on YouTube. Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is always welcome.

If you would like to see the actual watercolour sketch, click the thumbnail below

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The last sketch

I was sitting outside in the cockpit of our boat, the weather was grey, the light flat. There was nothing that inspired me. So this watercolour sketch is just a figment of my imagination, maybe it was our own boat that inspired me to paint the orange sky. Maybe.
We sail an archipelago sailing boat hand built in 1975 by the previous owner. It’s called a Svea Kryssare and it’s 11.04 x 2.44 metres – narrow and tall. We were very honoured to take over the vessel and we now give Aquarelle all the love it deserves.

This turned out to be my last sketch of the month long sailing holiday. It was eventful, very testing at times but great too, the boat behaved so well in the strong winds that were roughing us for most of the journey.

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Not sure about this one

This watercolour (13 x 17.5 cm ) was painted in a small bay at Böteskobben close to NĂ€mdö in the Stockholm archipelago. There is something about the sketch that unsettles me. I think it’s the rocks, are they all too regular in shape and size? Please let me know what you think! 🙂

13 x 17.5 cm
Click the thumbnail below for the full sized image.