Saturday’s life drawing

Venue: Basis, Stockholm. 20140329 Our model last Saturday was the old lady who underwent chemotherapy.Her red, sad eyes and hairless head, she was dignified and comfortable as she posed in front of our microscopic eyes. People are almost as tough as life itself, almost. Watercolour A4 Quick pencil sketch 15 minute pose

Pencil and paper

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 20140325 I brought the minimum to life drawing yesterday evening. A few pencils and a block of A4 paper.The model’s poses were quite contorted, very hard to draw, luckily she did a few classical poses too. Five minute pencil nude Five minute pencil nude Five minute pencil nude

Nudes in progress…

Here are some nudes I did at life drawing last Saturday.  I want to give them another wash or two to see what developes.

Useful watercolour portrait videos by Michael Holter.

I stumbled over these videos while searching the internet. I was looking for inspirational figure painting and portraiture in watercolour. Michael Holter is very similar to Ted Nutall. I hope my style matures to be more free and loose. Saying that there is a lot to learn from Michael and Ted and their approach to… Continue reading Useful watercolour portrait videos by Michael Holter.

Wednesday’s life drawing

Venue: Master Olafsgården, Old Town, Stockholm. I am enjoying playing around with watercolour, I learn a lot from these quick sketches. Ten minute watercolour nude Fifteen minute watercolour nude Ten minute watercolour nude Three minute sketch. Too much fixative, that’s why it’s so wrinkly.

Tuesday’s life drawing

Venue: Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. 20140318 The model is a dancer, he was very theatrical and amusing to draw. Five minute watercolour nude Five minute watercolour nude Five minute watercolour nude Two minute nude

Inspiration is important

Venue: Basis, Stockholm. 20140315 I’ve drawn this model too many times, I know all her poses, no surprises. I’m not blaming the model, I just wasn’t able to get it on. Saying that, I am actually happy with the first sketch. The other fifteen or so sketches from the session were well below standard.Later:. 20140317Man,… Continue reading Inspiration is important

Feeling good

Venue: Mäster Olofsgården, 20140312It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. Yesterday, I felt rested and it really shows in my work I think. There was a beautiful model to draw which of course helps. It was also the first time I did life drawing at Mäster Olofsgården in the old town of Stockholm. Nice place,… Continue reading Feeling good

Action Bear!

Lars, who has the nick name, Action Bear posed last night at ABF. I don’t normally attend the life drawing there but my Tuesday figure drawing place of choice (Konstnärshuset) was cancelled due to illness. The lighting is extreme at ABF, rows and rows of fluorescent tube lighting in a large white room. Hard to… Continue reading Action Bear!