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Adam Hughes: Good Girl Art

Here is a collection of Adam Hughes art.

Update of original post, 20130124.

If you would like to draw like Adam visit Amazon by following this link.  Adam Hughes – Video Art Lessons “Drawing Good Girls” DVD 
Sadly only Americans can buy it, the rest of us can only hope some international supplier will stock it in the future. If anyone finds this DVD somewhere else other than, Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies, please let me know.

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Winged glory. (The last picture is fake but I like it anyway)

… but the top three photos are real.

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The Daily Monster

This guy is very creative with a blob of ink. He sits up all night and draws monsters, somebody has got to do it! Daily Monster

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More Reilly

Chris Legaspi’s site is also a good place to visit:

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The Reilly method

I found it hard to find information about the artist Frank Reilly and his art techniques. This was the best starting page that I dug up. Frank Reilly