After watching the Charles Reid DVD on watercolouring and feeling really inspired, I went and drew in pen and ink, see the drawing below – it doesn’t make sense sometimes how my brain works…

Drawing by David Meldrum

Starting to sketch with watercolours.

I have started to use watercolour while life drawing. I am just learning to handle the medium so having to work at speed really helps, one doesn’t have time to worry, one just has to go for it! 
This model was getting chemotherapy and so her hair had fallen out and she looked very tired, especially her eyes, it was very haunting, still, I admired this 60 year old woman for not letting cancer stop her. These sketches are from 2012.03.17, Saint Patrick’s Day. 

15 minute watercolour sketch

5 minute sketch
2 minute sketch

Lunch Sketch #6

I had the ambition of completing a sketch every lunch break, but it is not possible; life gets in the way, regularly.

Oscar Wilde

Life Drawing 2012

Here are my Life Drawing sketches from this year so far.

Life Drawing by David Meldrum 2012

Lunch sketch number two

It may not be the best caricature I have ever drawn but I am happy to be sketching with my new mini-water-colouring set, a ‘Field Box’ from Winsor & Newton.


Rockin’ JellyBean

I know this is politicly incorrect, 
but I like it! 
Rockin’ JellyBean who lives in Japan (I think) is known for wearing Mexican wrestling masks and having a babe on each arm. He also has a Surf-Rock band called Jackie and the Cedrics. 

Erostika, Jellybean’s store
JellyBean @ 
Jackie and the Cedrics
Juxtapoz interview

Life drawing at the Museum of Dance – Stockholm

There is life drawing at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm this term. I have never been but I intend to give it a try. It must be great fun drawing dancers in classic poses or even trying to catch them while in motion. I have copied the information from their website and placed it below.


Teckna modell som med kroppens positioner stimulerar
den kreativa processen. Modellteckning med modell
i rörelse på Dansmuseet är en annorlunda upplevelse
som väckt stor respons.
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 februari, 7, 14, 21, 28 mars kl 17.30 – 19.30
Café de Maré är öppet i pausen.
Biljetter: 80 kr

A guy called, ‘Milk’.

He is otherwise known as: Chiara Bautista

Here is another site featuring his work: Tumblr

Duffy Sheridan, Portrait painting videos

Duffy Sheridan has a YouTube channel where he shows us how to paint a portrait, he seems to be very talented so I’ll be visiting this a lot over the next couple of weeks.