Trying to loosen up.

Gamla Stan

Buildings are a bunch of boxes, straight lines and a few curves, rigid things that demand to be stiff and upright. I am trying to create an impression of what I see – to this point I have failed every time. I enjoy the challenge though, trying to find what is missing.


Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan


Back to lunchtime sketching

I am back at work after my two artist weeks. Trying to get back into my watercolours. I had an in forced break because of my exhibition which was a success I thought. I’ve ticked that box so now I can move on and find new challenges.

A watercolour of an archipelago scene
Archipelago scene

More James Dean on my lunch break

I painted the same picture again. It’s fun to play around with a simple motif and a small format, the watercolours are 8 x 11.5 cm on Arches rough, 300g.

Lunch break with James Dean

I wanted to practice my watercolour figures so I chose that rather famous picture of James Dean walking in the rain in New York. I completed these two paintings in half an hour. Speed helps me, I don’t have time to think, when I think everything goes wrong. Each watercolour is 8 x 11,5 cm in size on Arches rough, 300g.

James Dean on a lunch break. 

Lunchtime watercolour

It’s amazing how hard it is to get back into a routine. Today, I finally started painting again during my lunch break. I mean, it’s been at least two weeks since the last one! I’m such a slacker.

Lunchtime archipelago. Paper: Arches rough 17 x 12 cm, 20150707.

Lunchtime watercolour

I’m trying to get back into a rhythm with my painting. I have been a bit lost lately, mainly because I have so much going on in my life besides art. This watercolour sketch took two lunchtimes to complete. It’s a portrait of a Swedish artist that I admire. It’s not a perfect likeness, I wasn’t concerned with that, I just wanted to paint a picture. Tomorrow I will paint another lunchtime watercolour and it might even be an improvement on today’s effort. Who knows.

Watercolour of Swedish artist by David Meldrum
Watercolour Artist, Fabrinao GF 300g, 23 x 16,5 cm

Watercolour practice.

Monday, 30th of March, 2015
I didn’t know what to paint during my lunch hour, I only had a half an hour. I decided to do a bit of cloud practice.

Clouds. Fabriani HP, 24 x 18cm 20150330

Wednesday’s lunchtime painting

I could have been more subtle with the highlights but it was in my lunchtime rush. 45 minutes and done. 🙂

Lighthouse 17 x 12 cm, Fabriano HP 300g 20150325

Lunchtime watercolour

A little seascape completed during my lunch break.
Size: 14 x 9 cm på Fabriano HP 300g papper.