Gustavsbergshamn the watercolour


I published the YouTube video of me painting this watercolour yesterday. Here is the final painting. Today I am painting something totally different, life is always interesting for a watercolour artist. ūüôā If you haven’t seen the video click this link here: Gustavsbergshamn – From sketch to final watercolour For a full sized image of… Continue reading Gustavsbergshamn the watercolour

Sketching at the Maritime Museum

David Meldrum sketches

Sjöhistoriska 2019.02.06

Watercolour Demo – Painting the O-Torii Gate [ EP. 6 ]

I just published my latest video on YouTube! This is the final watercolour demonstration video from my trip to Japan earlier in the year. It was the last 24 hours with my son so it was a special day. Sponsor my videos for as little as $3, click the link below to find out more.… Continue reading Watercolour Demo – Painting the O-Torii Gate [ EP. 6 ]

Watercolour of Stockholm – Storkyrkan

Storkyrkan akvarell


I haven’t painted a sailing boat for two weeks!

A moment of solitude


Meldrum Art – Vlog #2

Meldrum Art – Vlog number 2

Learning curve

Go Pro student

I am slowly getting used to filming myself as I paint watercolours! Yes, I have ambitions to vlog on YouTube, a little about me and a lot about painting watercolour. There are a few barriers to navigate, one is filming myself, that feels so weird and the other obstacle is the amount of new stuff… Continue reading Learning curve

First week report …

My two microphones

My first week as full-time artist was spent swimming in the deep end of video production. I plan to have a regular vlog on Youtube, more about that at a later date. I also want to produce art demonstrations or even tutorials. I really know very little about video production so I’ve been studying Premiere… Continue reading First week report …

Looking forward to 2018

David Meldrum

I am an artist now!