My first live Watercolour Demonstration on Zoom

Boat in flaming sea

Yes, it was the premiere for Meldrum Watercolour Demonstrations yesterday evening. It went well I thought even if the sound wasn’t 100%. I have already solved that little technical problem.A full video of the live demonstration is available to my supporters on Patreon. hope these videos help those of you who want to develop… Continue reading My first live Watercolour Demonstration on Zoom

The view from Kvarnholmen, an outdoor sketch.

Hello! In this episode I stay local. I paint the scene using gradients and I have a wandering caterpillar to deal with. I do all this while holding a camera above my head! I hope this video inspires you to sketch and paint outdoors. If you would like to support the making of these videos… Continue reading The view from Kvarnholmen, an outdoor sketch.

I play with fire in this episode

Hello, I visited Gålö a few weeks back and painted in sometimes challenging circumstances which demanded drastic action. I don’t how many watercolour artists use a blow torch to dry their work but I do, when it’s just not going to dry. All in all it was a fun day, I just love painting outdoors.

Featured in the latest video

A working boat in front of Riddarholmen


Painting Riddarholmen – Watercolour Demonstration Ep.12


Watercolour Demonstration Ep.11

Here is my latest demonstration video on YouTube. I spent a whole month sailing around the Finnish and Åland archipelagos with my wife and two close friends. I spent lots of time sketching and taking reference photos for future use. While on the island of Ekskär in the Finnish archipelago I managed to do a… Continue reading Watercolour Demonstration Ep.11

Watercolour demonstration – Fishermen [ Ep. 10 ]

Fishermen watercolour demonstration

This is my last demonstration video from my time cruising around the Aeolian islands in June. Become a Patron!

Painting outdoors in Lipari

I just published my latest watercolour demonstration on YouTube. I painted the scene in the beautiful port of Lipari while sailing around the Aeolian islands recently. Please leave comments about the video, feedback helps me improve my demonstrations. Cheers!  Become a Patron!

Plein air watercolour demonstration

I am happy to publish my latest watercolour demonstration. I have been frustrated by how long it has been taking me to produce this videos but now I think I’ve found a format that works. By works I mean that they are easier to film and produce. I hope you find this demonstration both inspiring… Continue reading Plein air watercolour demonstration