Sketching my emotions Nr.7

Sketching my emotions Nr.7

I bought a ukulele last August. I’m hooked. Everytime I want to take a break from painting I pick up my ukulele.

The last of the winter sun

View from Gålö

I painted this last week. Spent a day on Gålö. So relaxing even if it was a little on the cold side.

Sketching my emotions Nr.6

Emotion Nr.6

I think this watercolour sketch represents my feelings pretty good. It’s March and summer is coming.

My first plein air for this year in 6 degrees


I managed my first plein air for this year. I visited Björnö Nature Reserve, which is east of Stockholm on Ingarö. The temperature almost reached 6 degrees! I had to use a gas burner to dry the painting, and yes, there is a burn mark. It’s becoming my signature. But seriously, it was so nice to get out and sketch. I had to trek for an hour to reach the spot I painted from but it was worth it.

Sketching my emotions Nr.5

Emotion Nr.5

I could do a better job sketching this series but to be honest I like the freshness of a first attempt. It’s really interesting capturing emotions with watercolour.

Sketching my emotions nr.2

emotion 2

I am enjoying this little exercise – illustrating emotions, I’ve never tried before. I have been writing journals for years and years so in a way I am used to getting feelings down on paper. I just haven’t used watercolour before.

It was warm enough to sketch, it feels so good


I sketched my first outdoor watercolour for 2021 yesterday. It was 8 degrees but sunny enough to stay warm. Damn it feels good to be outside sketching again.

I try to communicate what I see and feel


It’s been grey here in Stockholm for I don’t know how long. Boring, yes it is – but there is beauty out there in the greyness. I try to walk most days. I took some photos of the waterline at Björnö, not far from Stockholm. The reeds are all dead but beautiful anyway. This was a working sketch to see if I would do a large studio painting. I’ve decided not to and so I will move on the another watercolour challenge instead.

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Maybe I should have stopped painting earlier

Unfinished nude

It’s always difficult to know when to stop painting a watercolour. Maybe I should have stopped already after the first wash. It doesn’t matter, it was just a sketch, I was playing with some paper I haven’t used for years, Fabriano Artistico /S, it’s really difficult to paint on. The blending of colours is difficult. It’s not paper I like but I have lots of it so I’ll just have to enjoy it even if it’s not a favourite. Which do you like best, the finished painting or the halfway stage version? Let me know in the comments. Cheers 🙂

unfinished nude
Before and after