Trekking up north

my kit

Tomorrow I travel to the north of Sweden to Sarek National Park which is south west of Kiruna. We will be trekking in the wilderness for 8 days, a helicopter will drop us in the middle of the park and the challenge will be to reach civilisation again! We have to carry all our food… Continue reading Trekking up north

A sketch a day …

Horse in long grass

Ten thousand hours minus 1 , 2 and 3.

Is anything better than nothing?

Sketch of Svartlöga

I am going through a period were my time for art is limited, I have to work as a webmaster for 6 weeks during July and August. I know that in order to be a good artist I have to practice everyday which is basically not easy. So, is painting for the sake of painting… Continue reading Is anything better than nothing?

My watercolours find a home in Paimpol

Outside ArtQuest, Paimpol.


My last watercolour of Paimpol

Boat yard - Paimpol, Brittany

29 x 18 cm sketchbook

Paimpol harbour

Shops at Paimpol harbour

Watercolour sketch