Having fun

Some more two minute sketches from a life drawing session that I did a while back. I painted them yesterday, it’s so nice to have time during the Christmas holidays to have some fun. I’m not looking to create a masterpiece right now; I’m just playing around, experimenting, learning. Original two minute sketch which I… Continue reading Having fun

Watercolouring quick life drawing sketches

I have a supply of two to five minute sketches on 200g watercolour paper. I started quick sketching on watercolour paper so that I can paint them at my leisure at a later date. I want to master watercolouring and so having these sketches lying around really makes practice easier. For light reference I use erotic photography… Continue reading Watercolouring quick life drawing sketches

Sir William Russell Flint

I discovered, Sir William Russell Flint today while browsing through LA CONCHIGLIA DI VENERE – The Nude in Art History. I like his nudes very much, there is much to learned by studying his watercolour technique which I certainly plan to do. I found an offical site also where they sell limited addition prints of his… Continue reading Sir William Russell Flint

Sketches from my note book

It is hard to focus on sketching or painting when Christmas presents still have to be bought and wrapped! Here are a few sketches from my note book. Sketched at the Cultural Centre (Kulturhuset), Stockholm Sketches while at work, my desk and a crowd drawn from my computer screen.

Final life drawing session for 2012

Konstnärshuset, 20121211Not many turned up for this final session, lots of snow and pre-Christmas stress keeping them away I guess. I was not able to concentrate very well during the evening so I played with my watercolours. Playing is a very important way to learn and improve, isn’t it!? 😉 10 minute sketch 20121211 10… Continue reading Final life drawing session for 2012

Saturday’s life drawing

Basis, Stockholm 20121208 I was not in the mood to begin with, I was feeling rather lazy after a tough week at work. After a sketch or two I started to loosen up a bit and get into it, in the end I was quite happy with a number of my sketches.  I will be going to… Continue reading Saturday’s life drawing

Tuesday’s Life Drawing

Konstnärshuset 20121204 This model was excellent at posing. She is a dancer, most of the good posers are. Life drawing 20121204 Life drawing 20121204 Life drawing 20121204

Saturday’s life drawing session.

This was difficult for me, the model, an elderly lady who is obviously undergoing chemotherapy reminded me a lot of my own wife who had chemotherapy two years ago. Still, it was an interesting session, older models have so many interesting lines and curves to draw. A session of mixed emotions. Respect to the model for not… Continue reading Saturday’s life drawing session.